Helsinki, Finland

Chaîne is a Scandinavian fashion and art brand that is inspired by humanity, the world of contemporary art, colourful dreams and modern lifestyle. The brand enhances the importance of unity.

The brand has different collection lines, Chaîne classics and Chaîne dreams. Chaîne classics is a line that offers effortlessly elegant garments and accessories that become instant classics. The easily wearable pieces help you with everyday decisions; you can wear them everywhere from business meetings to cozy home evenings. Chaîne dreams is a collection of colorfully abstract artworks, fashion illustrations and art accessories that are created for calming our hectic lives with mindfulness increasing pastel colors and shapes.

The founder of the brand, Emmi Kainulainen, is a Visual Artist, Designer and Interior Architect, who was raised in the countryside of Finland. Today she resides in Helsinki and Minneapolis.

CHAÎNE products