Denim has become the cornerstone of urban fashion – it’s a symbol, an icon, a classic.

Hardly any people can come up with a piece of clothing that would be more timeless, more ageless, and more gender-neutral than jeans. Classic denim is the practical backbone of thousands of styles; it’s multifaceted, becoming, and eternally trending.

In the mass fashion industry jeans are still one of the hardest garments. The production of jeans and raw materials uses a lot of water, also denim is often dealt with chemicals that are harmful to both humans and nature.

The criteria of sustainable jeans include, for example, ethical working conditions, safer color and surface finishing substances, PP-spray-free, recycling materials, the usage of recycled water, and using less water and energy.

This Spring, pick your new eternal clothing from IVALO.COM’s sustainable denim, it’s everyday eco-making. In addition to healthy and safe favorite jeans, you get a timely look and a good mood.



The denim with less harmful chemicals is more healthy for the wearer, too.

Most of the indigo dyes in the mass denim industry are synthetic, and the coloring of the denim causes damages to the environment and people. Ecological denim brands try to minimize or avoid toxins and chemicals in the production.

The undyed denim is a rising and current trend in jeans. The manufacturing process skips the indigo dyeing process, and therefore, saves intangible and tangible resources; work time, water, and energy. The emissions of the undyed jeans are lower, and the jeans' carbon footprint decreases.


During the decades, the design of jeans has varied greatly. The most fashionable style currently is the 70’s favorite flare with generous wide legs all the way.

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A more loose-fit version of the boyfriend design is mama, with a high and loose waist but narrow legs. Even more relaxed style is balloon, generously wide carrot cut, with often slightly cropped legs.

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Also skinny jeans, tight fit with a bit of stretch, have become quite popular in the last years. In the ’80s, both skinny and slim styles were supposed to be so tight, that you could not really breathe easy and the only way to get them on was to lay on the floor on your back. Nowadays we seem to appreciate a little more comfort in fashion too.

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Classic designs include straight of which the typical example would be Levi's 501, and slim, which is almost the same but with an even slimmer style.

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