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Women’s dresses to suit every style

A handful of trustworthy dresses can build a wardrobe foundation that can be accessorized according to your style and the mood of the day. Cozy wool dress to the office, light summer dress or an eye-catching party dress for the girl's night out? Just remember, always select dresses that fit your personal style, feel comfortable and give you the additional oomph to boost your energy.

Casual everyday dress or a stunning party dress - we got you!

You can find dresses for women on IVALO.COM in different styles and sizes. The online store has a selection of evening dresses, black dresses, casual t-shirt dresses, maxi dresseslinen dresses, dresses for office and everyday use, midi dressesshort dresses and long-sleeved dresses. Dresses come in a variety of materials from modal, organic cotton, silk, and viscose to cotton and others.

Find the right dress

There is a wide range of women's dresses available; choosing the right one can sometimes be challenging. There are a few things to consider when choosing the right dress. The first is the occasion. Is it a formal celebration? A wedding? Or a more casual gathering of friends? The nature of the occasion will somewhat limit your options.

Next, consider your own style. What kind of dresses do you usually feel most comfortable in? Do you prefer a fitted or looser fitting dress? Consider both your body type and your personal taste when making your choice.

The weather and the time of year also play a part in determining your choice of dress. For a warm day, go for a lighter fabric such as cotton or linen. If it's cooler outside, choose a dress with long sleeves or thicker material. But remember - whatever you choose, as long as you feel confident and comfortable, you'll look great!

Sustainable dresses for eco-conscious women

IVALO.COM is a marketplace for sustainable fashion where you can find dresses for women. Each brand, which is present in the online store, will be evaluated for their sustainability level and you can easily see the environmental impact its clothing production and transportation have and the materials which have been used in the dress.