Sustainable socks for women, men and kids

Let’s face it: we all have too many socks! The actively used, the never used, the broken ones, the lost ones, and the ones who lost their pair. Now it’s time to put our socks in order.

The ecological selection of socks at IVALO.COM makes this task super easy. We have a myriad of choices – recycled lace, organic cotton, eco-nylon, non-virgin materials. Now it’s so simple to transform every sock collection into a more practical and ecological one. No more sock shocks!

Ecological socks for all needs

We have ankle socks, knee socks, compression socks, sports socks and wool socks for women, men, and children. See also our range of sustainable tights. Take a look at the pioneer brand called Swedish Stockings. Even Vogue noticed them, and for a good reason! This eco-brand produces lovely circular economy socks made of recycled materials.