Women's Shirts

Responsibly made women's shirts

IVALO.COM online store also offers sustainably manufactured shirts for women, to suit your individual needs. We have an extensive range of shirts for women: button-up shirts and collared shirts, stylish and elegant designer blouses, smart turtlenecks, carefree linen shirts, gorgeous party shirts, casual sweatshirts, comfortable women's hoodies, trendy women's bodysuits, beautiful women's knitwear, women's tunics and high-quality t-shirts.

Women's shirts are an important part of your style. If you want functionality in your wardrobe, you should carefully select the right women's shirts and blouses for your needs. Women often need many different types of shirts for different occasions - work, parties, gym and home - but we still encourage you to make thoughtful buying decisions. Try to choose shirts that will get a number of uses in different situations.

For example, many women have a party shirt or two for special occasions in their wardrobe. Don't let your most beautiful shirts sit in your wardrobe waiting to be worn, but feel free to wear them also with your everyday clothes, for example with jeans!

Women's shirts for all styles and tastes

Women's shirts is a collection with plenty to offer. You'll find the latest trends in colors, styles and details. For example, women's blouses are popular, from simple Scandinavian designs to ruffles, frills, bows, patterns, puff sleeves, shoulder pads, peplums and off-shoulders.

Women's turtleneck is a classic and chic choice. The style of the polo is largely determined by the material. A women's polo shirt can be a chunky turtleneck knit or a lighter shirt made from fine merino wool. A more relaxed turtleneck can be made from, for example, organic cotton that is soft and ecological, feels comfortable and breathes well. If you're looking for a women's polo shirt for a more formal style, you should also take a look at shirts made from TENCEL™ lyocell or ECOVERO™ viscose. These materials are a more ecological alternative to traditional viscose or polyester, for example. If you're looking for the perfect turtleneck, you can check out the range from Swedish company Residus, or Rhea, known for its quality merino wool.

Women's collared shirts and button-ups are another favorite for anyone who prefers a more minimalist look. The most classic wardrobe staple is the white button-up, which is truly versatile as it can be paired with jeans, straight trousers, leggings or skirts. Another timeless option is the women's black collared shirt, which is also easy to mix and match. However, the women's shirts range also offers plenty of colorful collared shirts and different patterns for those who love them. Polish company Enteliér, for example, offers lovely quality button-up shirts for women.

Women's sleeveless tops are a necessity for everyone. Sleeveless tops are needed in your wardrobe both as underwear and as the main part of your outfit for summer or party wear. There are plenty of tops to choose from. A plain white or black sleeveless shirt is often a handy undershirt, but can also be used as such. There are a variety of finishes and styles to choose from. A top can have spaghetti straps or lovely details such as ruffles. A sleeveless top is also suitable for a party. Stunning party top can be for example a charming silk top or a beautifully sparkling glitter shirt.

A quality t-shirt is a must-have item in every woman's wardrobe

When searching for the best shirts for women - or putting together a functional capsule wardrobe - one wish often comes up above all others: to find the perfect, timeless t-shirt. We've got women's quality t-shirts for you, and made responsibly, too. A great quality women's t-shirt is made from high quality materials and designed to stand the test of time and everyday wear.

This is how you recognize a quality t-shirt:

  1. Material: a quality women's t-shirt is usually made from a durable material, such as premium cotton. A high-quality material feels long lasting to the touch and is comfortable against the skin.
  2. Fit: a quality women's t-shirt has a great cut and good fit. The fit you choose is, of course, a matter of taste. There are plenty of options to choose from. It's worth keeping in mind that a tight-fitting t-shirt may wear out a little faster than a looser one, as the fabric will stretch. In addition, sweating, for example, will wear the shirt out.
  3. Durable seams: in a quality t-shirt, the seams are carefully stitched. The seam lines are straight and not twisted.
  4. Color durability: the colors used in the quality t-shirt remain bright and can withstand multiple washes. Quality dyeing methods and dyes ensure that women's shirts do not fade or lose their color.
  5. Attention to details and finishings: A quality t-shirt features neatly finished hems, carefully stitched collars and cuffs, and precise cuts. There are no threads hanging out, everything is finished to perfection.
  6. Washability: The quality t-shirt is made to last for a long time, withstands multiple washes and retains its shape and color.
  7. Breathability: A quality t-shirt feels comfortable even in hot weather. Breathable, eco-friendly materials include organic cotton, linen and TENCEL™ lyocell

A quality women's t-shirt may be slightly more valuable as a one-off investment, but durability pays off over time. When shopping for women's t-shirts, invest in a few quality ones rather than several cheap ones. That way, you're more likely to get a long-lasting, trustworthy garment - and make a more responsible choice.

Choose a women's shirt with ecological material

Shirts for women are available in a variety of materials. There is a wide choice to choose from. There are also many ecological options, which we at IVALO.COM warmly encourage you to choose. Women's shirts can be made from silk, organic cotton, ethical wool, linen, ECOVERO™ viscose and TENCEL™ lyocell, among others. The material of the shirt should be considered according to its intended use - cotton and linen are durable and breathable, while silk is suitable for festive occasions or a more sophisticated office look.

We also carry sports shirts and tops for women. Durability is important when it comes to sportswear, so take that into account when choosing materials. For example, recycled polyester or ECONYL®, made from waste collected from the sea and land, offer environmentally friendly material options for sports shirts.

Whichever shirt you choose, you can shop with confidence at IVALO.COM. We check the sustainability of every brand sold in our online shop before listing products on our online store. This way you know that the women's shirts and other clothing we sell are made in an ethical and responsible way. For more information on the sustainability of each brand, please visit the brand's own IVALO.COM page and check the details of each product.