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Women’s shirts are a significant part of our everyday style. It’s wise to choose carefully when it comes to shirts – your wardrobe should serve you well and efficiently. We all have a few favorite shirts accompanied by the ones we don’t use very often.

IVALO.COM marketplace offers a wide selection of sustainable shirts for women. Collared and button-up shirts, showy and elegant design blouses, tops, turtlenecks, lovely knitst-shirts – we have it all.

Step in and find the latest trends in tones, details, and styles. Ecological and ethical selection at IVALO.COM presents purely beautiful shirts with simple Scandi style – and on the other end, we bring you frills, ruffles, ties, bows, patterns, paddings, peplums, and off shoulders.

The materials of our women’s shirts are raw silk, cotton, organic cotton, wool, linen, Ecovero (viscose), and TENCEL lyocell. Depending on how and where you wish to use your shirt, choose your materials accordingly.