Women's Jeans

Sustainable women's jeans from IVALO.COM

The most famous trousers in the world are worth getting responsibly made. Jeans are typically a problematic garment in the mass-production industry, where the production process from raw material to finishing is often harmful to both the environment and the people working in the production.

IVALO.COM offers a wide range of high-quality, responsible, and ethically produced women's jeans. The range includes several pioneer brands of eco-jeans, such as Mud Jeans and Kings of Indigo. We also offer jeans from the Finnish brand Very Nice jeans, whose range also includes women's jeans in plus sizes and offers beautifully fitted styles for curvy women.

Jeans in a variety of designs and colors

There are plenty of jeans styles to suit every taste. Our selection offers women's jeans in various styles and colors. The range features classic jeans styles such as women's straight jeans, skinny jeans, and bootcut jeans, as well as trendy options such as women's flared jeans, mom jeans, and boyfriend jeans.

IVALO.COM's most popular women's jeans are still blue - in various shades of denim. Women's black jeans, white jeans, beige jeans, and grey jeans are also in fashion. Jeans finishings give the jeans a look of their own. You can choose from ripped jeans, worn jeans, or even jeans made of patches of different colors.

How to choose the right jeans for you

The choice of jeans is influenced by many factors, including fit, material, and your own style. We've put together a few tips to help you choose the perfect jeans for you:

  1. Choose a model: Think about which model appeals to you most. Do you want wide-leg jeans or skinny jeans? Or maybe a pair of relaxed mom jeans or baggy jeans? Take your time to browse the different styles to find the one you like best.
  2. Fit: You can choose slim fit jeans or loose fit jeans - or something in between.
  3. Waist height: The waist height of your jeans also gives you a choice. Would you like most high-waisted jeans, low-cut jeans, or a mid-rise waist?
  4. Take into consideration the material: Traditional jeans don't stretch much, so if you want maximum comfort then you should look at stretch jeans with elastane.
  5. Color: There are plenty of color options available. You can choose classic navy blue jeans, light blue jeans, or stylish black jeans. Or be bold and choose a colorful option - go for red jeans, for example. You should also consider how your jeans will match the rest of your wardrobe.
  6. The right size: When you order jeans online, you don't get to try them on before you buy. So it's worth grabbing a tape measure to help you. Sizes can vary between jeans brands, so it's important to check the size chart before you buy. Measure your body measurements first. Check the product information for the size chart for the jeans model in question and make your choice accordingly. If the product offers garment measurements, you can also take measurements from old jeans and compare them. In this case, take into account the material of the current and new jeans and their elasticity. You can also contact us at info@ivalo.com - we are happy to help!

Check also our more comprehensive guide for finding just the right jeans and fit for you.

Ethical and ecological jeans for women - shop easily online

Traditionally, the production of jeans has not come without its problems, as their production consumes large amounts of water and energy. In addition, jeans are often produced in unethical working conditions where workers' rights are not respected - days can be long without breaks and the chemicals used in production can be harmful to workers' health.

That's why IVALO.COM wants to offer better: we provide you with ecological and ethical jeans for women. Criteria for responsible jeans include better and more ethical working conditions, safer dyes and finishes, PP-spray-free, material recycling, and reduced water and energy consumption.

As a rule, jeans are made from cotton, a breathable and durable material known as denim. IVALO.COM also offers jeans for women made from both recycled cotton and organic cotton. Recycled cotton and organic cotton save resources compared to traditional cotton, offering a more ecological alternative.

All fashion brands that come to IVALO.COM pass our sustainability criteria, which we have developed together with industry experts. We ensure the ethics and ecology of your jeans so you can shop with confidence. Read more about the sustainability of your eco-jeans for each product in our online shop. We also have a wide range of other responsible and ethical women's clothing.