Women's Jeans

Sustainable women's jeans from IVALO.COM

The most famous trousers in the world should be sustainably manufactured these days. Jeans are typically quite a problematic piece of mass fashion industry – the production processes all the way from the raw materials to the finishing treatments are often harmful for both the environment and the workers.

IVALO.COM has a wide selection of sustainable women's jeans and contains many eco-denim pioneer brands.

Select your favourite jeans from different fits

From these collections you’ll find classic jeans cuts – straight jeans, slim, skinny jeans, and bootcut – with some trendy options like flare, mom jeans, boyfriend, and balloon.

The jeans are mostly made of cotton denim, which is a breathable and durable material. In the selection of IVALO.COM, there are both recycled cotton and ecological cotton jeans. Recycled cotton saves a lot of resources compared to traditional cotton production.

The most popular women’s jeans at IVALO.COM are still blue, in different shades of denim. Also the black, white, beige, and grey tones are topical in jeans. High waist or low cut – which one is for you?

Ecological and ethical women’s jeans - order easily online

All the fashion brands at IVALO.COM have passed the sustainability criteria developed in collaboration with Aalto University. We ensure that our jeans are ethical and ecological, so you can shop with confidence. Read more about the sustainability of your eco-jeans in our online store; there are info texts provided for each product.