Women's Jeans

Trusted jeans for works and play

Originally designed as the perfect work wear, jeans are durable and long lasting clothing that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. Jeans have moved from the fields and mines to offices and streets of small towns and big cities around the globe. The most popular jeans remain true to their blue denim heritage. Black denim jeans have found their steady foothold as women’s classic outfits and the arrival of summer can be pinpointed to when the white jeans parade to the bustling streets.

You can find a variety of jeans for women in IVALO.COM. The online store has a broad selection jeans and denim trousers from sustainable designers in different styles including mom jeans, boyfriend jeans, cropped jeans, high-waisted jeans for women, wide-legged jeans and women’s skinny jeans. Women’s jeans are produced mainly in cotton or organic cotton.

IVALO.COM is a marketplace for sustainable fashion where you can find jeans for women. Each brand, which is present in the online store, will be evaluated for their sustainability level and you can easily see the environmental impact its clothing production and transportation have and the materials which have been used in the jeans.