IVALO.COM kidswear selection means ecological, ethical, and socially sustainable clothes for children. Our target is to offer a choice of sustainable clothing even for the smallest ones in the family.

All the fashion brands present at IVALO.COM meet the sustainability criteria developed in collaboration with Aalto University. Also, the kidswear selection is full of nature-friendly, good mood products – to create the best kind of future.

IVALO KIDS collection is about personality and topical urban style. Also, the quality is in the focus; we choose clothes that are made of sustainable, top-quality materials with professional production. We actively collect feedback from customers and communicate with the brands about any possible deviations in quality.

We also encourage our customers to recycle the products. Kids grow fast, and the time of use for a certain piece may be quite short. High-quality, trendy kidswear can find a new, happy owner through recycling.

IVALO.COM kidswear brands are companies with faces and hearts, genuinely and ambitiously investing in the top design and sustainable production of their clothes.