Women's Basics

High quality women's basics online

Sustainable fashion online store IVALO.COM also offers ecological and ethically made basic clothing for women's everyday needs. We make it easy and effortless for you to order sustainable women's everyday clothes and wardrobe staples online from our comprehensive range of sustainable clothing brands. Put together a functional capsule wardrobe and enjoy the ease of dressing for every day.

The comfort, functionality, and practicality of your wardrobe begins with the basics. The right women's basics and everyday clothes make your daily wardrobe selection easier and faster. With the cornerstones of your wardrobe in place, you can also save time and money.

The cornerstones of your wardrobe include easy-to-mix, versatile, style-retaining, quality clothes that you can wear now and for years to come.

The TOP 5 cornerstones of a sustainable wardrobe

It would be an exaggeration to say that you can get by with just five items of clothing - but you might be surprised how versatile five quality staple items can be. So include at least a quality T-shirt, a warming knit, classic jeans, timeless black trousers, and a versatile dress in your wardrobe. By carefully selecting these wardrobe staples, you'll enjoy them for a long time and bring effortless ease to your everyday wardrobe. These wardrobe staples are also capsule wardrobe lovers' favorites.

A quality women's T-shirt is a garment that gets a lot of wear. Black, beige, grey, or white T-shirts are classic and easy to mix and match, but fans of a more colorful style can also opt for a brighter shade of T-shirt to be the cornerstone of their wardrobe. A T-shirt is a versatile garment that can be paired with trousers or skirts. Wear the T-shirt on its own or under a jacket or sweater.

A warm women's knit or a long-sleeved pullover for women is also a top-five wardrobe staple. Choose a knit or long-sleeved shirt to suit your everyday needs, and pick a color that can be paired with any number of bottoms.

Ethically made women's jeans are another wardrobe essential. Light or dark blue always works for jeans, but black or grey jeans also work brilliantly as a basic garment.

Black trousers for women never fail. They're also perfect for a more formal office look - and are endlessly versatile. The style of the trousers changes depending on whether you pair them with a blazer or a hoodie.

Last, but by no means least, is the queen of wardrobe staples - the black dress. It allows you to create an outfit with just one garment. You can easily adapt the look of the dress to different occasions by dressing it up in different ways. Throw on a cardigan or jacket, or change your shoes from heels to sneakers.

Everything you need for a long-lasting capsule wardrobe

Many people dream of an easy everyday wardrobe. An easy way to solve the "nothing to wear" problem is to build a wardrobe that suits your style and life. A capsule wardrobe is effortless when all the clothes have been thoughtfully considered. For instructions on how to build a capsule wardrobe, check out our blog.

The easiest way to mix and match is to think about matching shades. However, this doesn't have to mean just black or white - you can boldly let your style shine through in bright shades too.

Only sustainable women's everyday garments

All brands sold on IVALO.COM have been assessed for sustainability before being listed for sale in our online shop. IVALO.COM's 360 validation will tell you which aspects of sustainability the different clothing brands focus on in their operations and production.

Clothing brands are assessed on eight different aspects. When you buy your new trusty garments from us, you know they are made in fair and ethical working conditions, using more sustainable materials. We make it easy for you to order your women's basics and other sustainable women's clothing online. We offer free delivery for orders over a specific amount. The purchase limit for free delivery may vary from time to time. Please check our shipping policy to find out the current terms and conditions.