Men's Knitwear

Even a compact capsule wardrobe needs a smart selection of sweaters. A sweater is a man’s best friend, especially in the Northern hemisphere – it’s easier to cope with the blizzards wearing warm high-quality knits.

Various sweaters, slipovers, and vests are now very fashionable. It’s topical to wear embroidered knits, cardigans, multicolor designs, and courageous colors. A classic elegant man chooses a high-quality turtleneck sweater. Traditional turtleneck colors for men are black, dark blue, off-white, and beige. Right now, the topical colors are brown, green, and orange. Combine the turtleneck with a blazer, a collared shirt, or a woolen jacket.

Carefully chosen top-quality wools like cashmere and merino lift the knit to a higher level. It’s clever to purchase a clothing brush to accompany your sweater – you’ll give a much longer and more lovable life to your new warming friend!