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Women's Jackets

Sustainable and ethical women's jackets

A jacket is one of the most worn pieces of clothing. For practical reasons alone, we wear it so much that it often defines our entire outfit. A jacket should therefore not only provide the necessary protection against the weather but also match our individual style and even our smallest preferences. The world is full of coats for women - so why settle for anything but the best.

IVALO.COM's responsible range also offers women's jackets made ethically and from quality materials. At IVALO.COM you will find women's winter jackets, denim jackets, trench coats, mid-season jackets, spring jackets, raincoats, puffers, and much more.

Our assortment also includes autumn jackets for women and women's spring jackets. For example, a stylish and eternally fashionable trench coat or a relaxed parka is perfect for autumn. A responsible consumer buys her jacket with care and intends to use it for years to come. Try to choose a women's jacket with a style you will love for a long time, and don't run after trends.

A quality women's coat is a long-lasting and responsible choice

A jacket is a long-lasting garment. IVALO.COM encourages you to make a responsible choice of a jacket that will last for years and decades, and that you can recycle when it no longer serves you.

A compact wardrobe holds a warm and versatile eco-friendly puffer coat. You'll also need a city-ready women's high-quality wool jacket and a rainproof mid-season jacket. For summer, spring, and autumn, the range of jackets can be complemented according to your style: a women's trench coat for the chic ones and a women's denim jacket for someone preferring a more casual look.

The sporty woman will complete her jacket collection according to her needs: an outdoor jacket, a hoodie, or a vest to suit her sporty style. A fashion-conscious dresser will adapt the look of the jacket to different occasions, for example with a scarf or a belt. A women's blazer is also a staple in many ladies' wardrobes and can be serve also as a lightweight warm-weather jacket.

Jackets and coats for women in many designs

There is a wide range of jackets for women: different styles, lengths, and materials. Even the most minimalist wardrobe usually needs more than one jacket for different seasons and purposes. For the coldest winter days, you need a warm puffer or down jacket, but for spring, autumn and summer you can often use the same jackets layered in different ways.

A classic women's summer jacket is a denim jacket or a trench coat, for example. An oversize blazer also works as an overcoat in summer. Other autumn and spring favorites are parkas, leather jackets, and thin wool coats. A hooded jacket is a popular choice for protection in the case of a rain shower.

Choose the length of your jacket to suit your needs. Of course, jacket length is also a style choice. A long women's jacket provides more protection and warmth than a short jacket. A thigh- or knee-length women's jacket is flattering on many different body types. When deciding on the length of your jacket, you should also consider the other clothes you own and how to combine them.

There is also a wide range of styles and fits to choose from. Feel free to choose the one you like. An A-line jacket, for example, will give a comfortable fit around the hips. Many also prefer a jacket with a belt to give the body some shape.

Why choose a sustainable jacket?

By choosing a sustainable jacket, you're making a long-lasting choice that has less impact on the environment. IVALO.COM focuses only on sustainable fashion and all the clothing brands we sell are assessed and checked for sustainability before they are accepted for sale in our online store. One aspect of sustainability is ethical production. When you buy from us, you know that your jacket has been produced ethically and fairly and that, for example, working hours are reasonable and working conditions are safe.

It is also responsible to produce women's jackets from materials that will stand the test of time and use. Many of the brands we sell also favor more environmentally friendly alternatives to traditional materials, including recycled materials and organic cotton. So, there are many good reasons to choose a responsible jacket - and you'll feel good about the purchase. At IVALO.COM you can order women's jackets online, quickly and easily. We offer a wide and always up-to-date selection of the best brands in sustainable fashion.