Hēdoïne manufactures better hosiery products - ladder-resistant, seamless, non-sagging, and shaping.

Based in England and Italy, Hēdoïne believes that the tights, socks, and knee-highs we use are in serious need of an upgrade.

Discover the inspiring vision behind Hēdoïne, a brand founded by two dynamic female leaders who used to work in the financial industry. After bonding over common tights problems such as sagging, poor fit, discomfort, and a tendency to break, Anna and Alex embarked on a mission to reinvent this wardrobe staple, starting with a journey to Italy to find the best experts in the field.

Their goal was to create tights that fit well and made the wearer feel great while minimizing their impact on the environment. The result of their efforts was the launch of their 20 denier tights in late 2018, marking the beginning of a hosiery revolution. They have thereafter launched a recycling program for all tights and leggings brands and their newest innovation is degradable yarns which they use in their tights, socks, and knee-highs collections.

At Hēdoïne, the focus is not just on creating long-lasting, high-quality products using recycled materials and Italian craftsmanship. They also champion the power of femininity and celebrate brave women everywhere. Through their range of tights, knee-highs, ankle socks, leggings, and more, Hēdoïne empowers and uplifts women, helping them to feel confident and stylish.

Whether you're a fan of classic styles or prefer something more daring, Hēdoïne has you covered with their selection of maternity tights, fishnet stockings, and socks. So why settle for anything less than the best? Experience the difference of Hēdoïne and embrace your unique femininity with every step you take. Hēdoïne's range includes tights, knee-highs, ankle socks, and leggings. Their bestsellers also include maternity tights and fishnet stockings and socks.

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