Rain poncho - the best friend of the dog and the owner

Rain poncho - the best friend of the dog and the owner

If there's a damp furry friend cozying up in your living room corner, it's worth checking out the latest additions from Rainkiss on IVALO.COM.

The stunning raincoats for dogs make life easier, especially for long-haired breeds or otherwise thick-furred pets and their owners.

Also, not all dogs enjoy getting wet, so a raincoat makes walks more enjoyable for the furry friend as well.

But outdoor walks must go on, rain or shine.

The crowd-favorite made from recycled plastic bottles

Rainkiss rain ponchos in smiley and stripe patterns

The rain poncho from Amsterdam-based Rainkiss was the top-selling individual product on IVALO.COM in 2023.

Rainkiss takes protection from the rain to a new level from a fashion perspective, as the brand's rain ponchos are stylish design garments.

The urban poncho isn't a GORE-TEX garment for demanding conditions, but it's the perfect rain protection for city living.

Packed into a small space, it's convenient to pull out when it starts to rain while cycling, when the dog needs a walk before heading to work, or when a thunderstorm surprises you at a festival.

Rainkiss manufactures its ponchos in an ethical production process using recycled plastic bottles. The poncho's manufacturing material is 100% recycled and Öko-tex certified polyester.

Rainkiss rainwear now also for dogs

Rainkiss blue rain poncho for dogs, next to a Smiley-patterned rain poncho for both humans and dogs

Dogs can now enjoy toxin-free materials, unforgettable style, and comfortable outdoor walks.

Rainkiss’s rainwear for dogs is available in several stylish patterns on IVALO.COM. By dressing your dog in Rainkiss's design patterns, you're sure to attract admiring glances, bring smiles to people's faces, and maybe even receive some pats on a rainy morning walk.

The comfortably fitting dog raincoat features a pleasant mesh lining. The rain protection includes adjustable fastenings, a hood that can be moved to the back as needed, and an opening for the leash.

It's also possible to attach a safety light to the rain coat for dark seasons and times of day.

Select the size according to the measurements

Rainkiss pink leopard dog rain poncho next to a blue dog rain poncho

As part of Rainkiss's sustainability efforts, adult ponchos are offered in just one excellent, versatile size.

Rainkiss's one-size poncho for humans is designed so that the same size fits both petite and plus-size users. This ensures that Rainkiss's return rate is minimal.

The dog raincoat, on the other hand, is available in four sizes: XS, S, M, and L. Rainkiss advises taking a moment to measure your pet before ordering the raincoat, ensuring that the dog's garment fits perfectly from the start.

Choosing the size requires measuring the dog's neck circumference and back length. Instructions and a size chart can be found on the raincoats' product cards on IVALO.COM.

Explore Rainkiss's selection here.