IVALO.COM marketplace offers the best sustainable fashion brands for men who want their clothes to be ecological, ethical, comfortable, and stylish.

If you value easiness and practicality, classic menswear, or urban uniqueness – we at IVALO.COM have a great selection of them all.

The most popular men’s clothing at IVALO.COM is made by interesting and ambitious small brands. The trademarks produce their items in small batches and faithfully listen to their customer feedback. The materials are chosen with care and the whole production is sustainably planned.

IVALO.COM has developed a frame of reference for sustainable fashion together with some researchers working at Aalto University. It’s used for every piece sold at the marketplace, so you as a consumer can rest assured that all the men’s clothing at IVALO.COM has gone through the sustainability framework – and thus ecologically, ethically, and socially sustainable.

Take a look at our sustainable selection of menswear from head to toes! From basics like socks, tees, hoodies, sweaters, and jeans – all the way to unique shoe designs, jackets, and sustainable accessories for sports and outdoor activities.