About Us

Fashion that is better for people, better for planet

At IVALO.COM we have always loved to drive the change and stand with the ones who are passionate about creating something new and long-lasting. That’s why we created a sustainable marketplace. A marketplace that you can trust, a marketplace that gives you transparent information and makes you purely excited about timeless design. Trust, love and passion are pure and so should be the garments you wear. Better choices and no regrets.

We acknowledge that sustainable fashion is a many-faceted and complicated topic - where no-one is perfect yet. It’s challenging to define whether a product or a brand is sustainable or not. To bring clarity to the complex topic, we have created a sustainability framework together with industry experts and scholars. Together as a team we have successfully been able to define sustainability requirements for the brands we stock and curate our product portfolio with high standards.

We have never been too keen on chasing the trends, nor the never ending season changes, as we believe that many things become better with time. We are more committed on slowing down and finding designers that represent us and our values.

Our mission is to put sustainable fashion designers in the spotlight. You make the choice, together we will set the standards.

We should demand more from our garments.

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