About us

Your trusted guide to uncompromising style.


IVALO.COM is an international fashion marketplace offering more than 100 sustainable fashion brands in one place.

IVALO.COM's selection is constantly curated to meet the needs of the modern dresser. In addition to ecology, ethics and social responsibility, IVALO.COM's product portfolio is characterized by timeliness, urbanity and individuality.

All IVALO.COM brands are validated before we list them for sale on our online store. IVALO.COM 360 Sustainability Validation ensures that the brands on the marketplace meet the requirements of truly sustainable fashion.

The marketplace is a particularly versatile online store, offering a wide range of products. At IVALO.COM you can order from as many brands as you like at once. The fashion brands deliver the products directly to the customer without any additional warehousing or intermediaries.

IVALO.COM also provides you with quality content, inspiring trends, interesting brand stories and educational information. The customer service helps you with English or Finnish.

You can contact our customer service by e-mail at info@ivalo.com.

Our story

IVALO.COM is a company founded in 2015 by three Finnish friends.

IVALO.COM was originally created as a mobile app to help the public interested in individual fashion to find emerging fashion brands. Later, the app was abandoned and IVALO.COM continued as an online store with the same idea = to connect indie fashion and dressers looking for personalized quality.

In 2019, IVALO.COM launched a new online store and around the same time was working on the Sustainability Framework - a new framework for sustainable fashion. Since then, IVALO.COM has been dedicated to developing transparency in sustainable fashion.

IVALO.COM's brand name conveys authenticity, purity and northernness. The brand name sounds beautiful in all languages of the world.

IVALO.COM is a Finnish brand and company that borrows its name from an original northern place. Finnish Lapland has the cleanest air in the world and is known for its spectacular Northern Lights.

IVALO.COM also represents and recognises authenticity, bold individuality and a special freshness in the global market of clothing and fashion.

Today, IVALO.COM is a thriving and growing online marketplace for sustainable fashion that aims to answer the call of even the most discerning fashion consumer - responsibly.

IVALO.COM wants to make sustainable fashion the new normal in the clothing industry and be the world's most trusted and largest online store for responsible clothing.

Our values


Sustainability is at our core and the driving factor behind our vision and mission.

We constantly develop our sustainability strategy to stay ahead of our competitors.

We offer our brands and customers sustainability support, guidance, and advice.

We take part in the social debate on sustainable fashion, consumption, and the clothing industry. Our interaction is transparent, honest, and direct.


Sustainability is complex and rarely black and white, so our approach is to be as holistic as possible.

We don't act as a judge but as a guide to present the whole picture so that you can make informed choices based on your values.

We do the hard work of collecting the data and information and presenting it to you in an understandable and transparent way.

We believe nature, animals, and humans are all equally important. All have the right to enjoy fashion and express themselves.


We guide you through trends and give you tips on finding your lovable, long-lasting, and personal style.

At IVALO.COM you don't have to compromise between sustainability and style. We search the world to offer you the most stylish and interesting sustainable brands.

Our content is authentic and awe-inspiring. We dare to challenge the norms and create new ones.


We have a high-quality selection and high customer satisfaction.

We invest in finding brands that design for quality. We ensure quality by doing test orders and collecting customer feedback.

We encourage our customers to use products long-term and give tips on product care.

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