Sustainable home

Autumn winds can blow when your home is cozy and warm. Summer will soon give way to the coolness and serenity of autumn, and the best time to enjoy your home is just around the corner.

For bedding, make sure to check out AmourLinen's perfect linen and Homehagen's fresh cotton in delicious shades. For the autumn home, we also recommend warming blankets, fresh kitchen textiles, beautiful storage solutions from Mifuko and stylish and cheerful rugs from Finarte.


Sweet dreams are made of this. Dive into sustainable bed linen.

All products in the IVALO.COM range have undergone extensive sustainability validation. It is important to consider the sustainability of the production process and the company that manufactures the products, not only for clothing but also for interior design products.


Discover the most beautiful tablecloths, kitchen towels and aprons.

From our selection, you can find home products that represent both home trends and timeless style. By choosing individually, you can make your home look like your own and create the atmosphere you desire.


Wrap yourself in a soft and ethical towel or bathrobe.

Natural materials such as cotton and linen, carpets and baskets made from plant fibers, natural plants, and Scandinavian lightness are popular year after year. In addition to these, the bold use of color is in fashion.


A sustainably produced carpet will bring you pleasure for years to come.

A responsible homeowner chooses a transparent interior design brand that knows its manufacturer, aims to reduce resource use and emissions, increases recycling and recyclability, and invests in the long life of end products.

Every home brand on the IVALO.COM online store has undergone a careful sustainability validation process. You can make your choices with peace of mind.