Bikinis Make Summer!

For many, summer or a beach vacation is strongly associated with bikinis. Better bikinis are ecological and ethical. We have a wide range to meet this need.

IVALO.COM's sustainable bikini selection includes options from ethical brands such as Understatement, Copenhagen Cartel, Morico, and SEAY. There is plenty of choice in colors and styles, so everyone can find their favorite women's bikinis from us.

Better Bikinis Are Made from Recycled Materials

All bikinis sold at IVALO.COM are made at least partially from recycled materials. Using recycled materials saves the earth's resources and is therefore more environmentally friendly than virgin materials.

The most commonly used material in our bikini range is ECONYL® polyamide. It is made from plastic waste collected from the sea and land. Waste gets a new life as bikinis!

Colorful or Black Bikinis - The Choice Is Yours

There is a wide range of colors and styles to choose from for bikinis. Choose classic black bikinis, or try bright colors, earthy tones, or charming prints. Play freely and mix and match different-colored bikini tops and bottoms.

Most of the brands in our selection sell bikini tops and bottoms separately. This also makes it easier to choose a size, as bodies come in many shapes and often the size of the bikini top may differ from the bottom.

Freely Mix and Match Bikini Tops and Bottoms

Bikini models offer options for both lounging on the beach and more active pursuits. By mixing and matching tops and bottoms, you can build a bikini set that suits your style and preferences.

First, choose your favorite bikini top. For example, triangle bikinis and bandeau styles are often popular among sun worshippers, as they cover a relatively small part of the body.

In sports and other more active water activities, it is important to ensure that the bikinis stay in place. Good models for sports bikinis include, for example, top-like or halterneck styles.

Bikini bottoms also offer various variations, for example, in terms of waist height. High-waisted bikini bottoms have been trendy in recent years. High-waisted bikinis are comfortable to wear, as these pants stay in place well.

There is also plenty of choice in bottom models and finishes. The bold ones choose string-style bikinis or Brazilian bikinis, which reveal more of the buttocks. For those who prefer more coverage, there are also bikini bottoms in shorts style.

Bikinis Online from Responsible Brands

IVALO.COM is a marketplace for sustainable fashion. All clothing brands sold by us undergo a thorough and comprehensive IVALO.COM 360 sustainability validation. We ensure that bikinis are produced ethically in line with the principles of sustainable development, so you can shop easily and with a clear conscience. You can find brand-specific sustainability ratings in the details of each product.

So, order ecological, ethical, and sustainable women's swimsuits and bikinis easily from us online - and much more lovely summer and beachwear! You can browse our entire range of women's swimwear here.