Men's Jackets

A quality jacket is a life-long partner and should be chosen using a truly sustainable consumer magnifier. Pick a jacket that suits your style and use – in the long run, you might want to pay attention to versatility too.

If you are an active man appreciating technical features, the jacket of your life could be found from the selection of the Swedish sustainability pioneer, Houdini. Houdini produces outdoor clothing for extreme conditions with a sporty touch – but at the same time, the clothes are super stylish and urban.

The eternal black is an effective choice as a jacket color. Nomen Nescio from Helsinki produces simple black clothing for a peaceful selective wardrobe. In Nomen Nescio’s selection, the most popular pieces are parka jackets and cardigans.

Raincoats, rain-proof vests, and other outdoor jackets for Scandinavian taste are produced by a Danish brand Rains. These men’s jackets represent minimalistic design and sophisticated shades. Rains also offer some trendy puffer jackets.

Through the IVALO.COM marketplace, you find various winter coats, quilted jackets, mid-season jackets, denim jackets, bombers, and topical shirt jackets.