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Sustainable women's hoodies online

Find ethical and ecological women's hoodies at the online shop for sustainable fashion IVALO.COM. Women's hoodies are a popular casual everyday staple. College hoodies offer comfort, casual style and versatility for everyday style. You can wear women's hoodies as a home outfit, workout attire, or out on the street.

In addition to classic hoodie styles, our marketplace offers women's sweatshirts, women's hoodie jackets and women's long hoodies, among others. You can also find the oversized women's hoodies that many have grown to love. Oversize hoodies are among the best in laid-back safety clothing! Our wide range of sizes also covers plus-size hoodies.

Women's hoodies sold at IVALO.COM are often made from less environmentally harmful, more ecological materials. Ecological hoodies can be made from organic cotton, recycled polyester, or lyocell, for example. There are also warm hoodies made from merino wool.

As well as the most iconic brands in sustainable fashion, you'll also find hoodies from smaller brands at IVALO.COM. From niche brands you can find unique styles that don't walk across every street corner.

Why are women's hoodies so popular?

A hoodie is a piece of clothing that can be found in almost every woman's wardrobe. A hoodie's popularity is explained by its versatility and soft comfort. Although hoodies were originally known as sportswear, today they are a permanent staple in the fashion world that can also be worn to the office, if the workplace dress code allows it.

Women's hoodies are luxuriously comfortable to wear. The material is usually wonderfully soft. College hoodies are the most popular. They are often made of cotton that is durable to wear and easy to wash. Fleece hoodies are also indulgently soft. They are also a notch warmer than a college hoodie.

The fit of the hoodie is usually relaxed and loose, making it very comfortable to wear. What could be better than a perfectly comfortable garment that feels soft on the skin and doesn't squeeze anywhere? Women's hoodies are precisely that.

Women's hoodies are also easy to carry in your bag and throw on as a warming layer when the temperature calls for it. Also popular are women's zip-up hoodies, which have a zipper on the front for easy fastening.

The versatility of hoodies also explains their popularity. You can wear a hoodie for a variety of leisure activities. Women's hoodies are also ideal for sports and exercise, as they offer flexibility and room to move freely.

Wear a women's hoodie for different occasions - transform your look by mixing and matching

Women's hoodies are very versatile pieces of clothing and can be used to create different styles. In the winter, a hoodie works well for layering and in the summer you can use it as a substitute for a jacket. Hoodies come in a wide range of colors and styles. The classic choice is a black or white hoodie, but there are also bright colors and eye-catching prints available.

Depending on the pattern and style, a women's hoodie is also a good outfit for the office. Pair it with a skirt to create a feminine ensemble. Women's jeans or more formal straight trousers also go great with a hoodie. You can also wear an oversized blazer over a hoodie. By choosing a bit more formal shoes, such as stylish ankle boots, the hoodie can be transformed into an office-appropriate outfit.

Create a sporty urban style by wearing a pair of women's workout tights as a bottom piece and throwing on a trench coat. Throw on stylish sneakers and a pair of sunglasses and a cap and you're ready for a stylish afternoon coffee on the terrace. In the summer, pair an oversized hoodie with a pair of biker shorts.

For the most casual and perfectly comfortable look at home, pair a hoodie with sweatpants. Workout leggings also offer a nice match with a hoodie for a relaxed home look.

We offer ecological hoodies for women

IVALO.COM is a marketplace for sustainable fashion, where you can also find ethical and ecological hoodies for women. We make ordering women's hoodies online easy and hassle-free. You'll find over 100 sustainable fashion brands. One order can contain products from several brands, but you only pay the shipping costs once. Plus, we offer free delivery on purchases over a certain amount. The purchase limit for free delivery may vary from time to time. Please check our shipping policy to find out the current terms and conditions.

We assess and check the sustainability of all the brands we sell before we accept them for resale. The women's hoodies we sell are produced under fair working conditions, with a preference for environmentally better materials. You can find a sustainability rating for each brand in the product information.

If you decide to look for something else instead of a hoodie, check out our range of women's shirts and other sustainable and ethical women's clothing.