Men's T-Shirts

High-quality unicolor T-shirts for men are always topical and perfect under a blazer, a cardigan, or a men's jacket. You recognize a quality shirt for keeping the shape and looking sharp even after many washes.

Think about the fit that you like – is it a stylish tight fit or relaxed loose fit. A slightly thicker fabric often brings a premium feel and keeps the look firm.

IVALO.COM selection contains a lot of safe GOTS-certified cotton. Some of the brands have added another material in their cotton mix to enhance durability and comfort. You can check the materials used for each product from the product cards at the online store. Maybe you’d like a bit more stretchy fabric, or made entirely of organic natural fibers?

Popular T-shirts for men are made for example by Brava Fabrics from Spain, designing fun prints and using interesting colors. Simple and stylish tees for long-term use are presented by FRENN and Vatter, among others.

If you’re looking for technical features, take a look at the shirt selection of Pressio or Ukuthula.