Ecological and ethical tights and stockings

Tights are part of both everyday and formal wear. In cold weather, thick pantyhose bring warmth. A party dress can be worn with thinner stockings. Choose black tights, skin-toned tights, or go bold with patterned ones. IVALO.COM's sustainable range of tights and pantyhose offers options to suit all tastes.

Check out Swedish Stockings

Take a look at Swedish Stockings, the eco-tights virtuoso! This sock wizard brand is also a pioneer in using recycled nylon and other renewable materials. But, besides being nature-friendly, this brand is courageous, stylish, and absolutely magnificent as well!

IVALO.COM presents ecological tights with product names such as NILIT®, ECONYL®, and Q-NOVA®. They will suit you perfectly at work, free time, and on festive occasions. These tights are an innovative option for oil-based virgin nylon pantyhose that are virtually single-use products.

For example, the tights produced by Swedish Stockings, are made of leftover fabrics from sportswear production, used plastic bottles, and old fishing nets. How cool is that! The brand also uses environment-friendly dyes that are gentle for the skin, too.

Stockings and pantyhose for everyday use and celebrations

Especially if you live in the North, tights are a necessary source of warmth under skirts, dresses, and trousers. At IVALO.COM you will also find thicker tights for winter use, made from organic cotton or quality wool, for example. For festive occasions, thinner pantyhose are ideal, with a wide range of options to choose from. When you're looking for tights, you should also check out the pantyhose from Finnish brand Aarrelabel.