Women's Jumpsuits

Eco-friendly and ethical jumpsuits and overalls for women

Women's overalls, jumpsuits, and playsuits are stylish and contemporary outfits. Depending on the style you are going for, the jumpsuit can make you look casual and playful or sophisticated and elegant.

IVALO.COM offers women's jumpsuits in many styles and colors. Our range of jumpsuits is produced in ethically fair working conditions from durable and high-quality materials. The quality materials and skillful tailoring from our sustainable fashion's designer brands give the garment a premium look you can see and feel.

Most commonly, a women's jumpsuit is a short or long-sleeved garment that combines women's pants and a shirt, but we also offer items such as dungarees and playsuits. A jumpsuit is a carefree garment, guaranteed to stay on and easy to move in.

Women's jumpsuits can be, depending on the material, a comfortable onesie, an elegant party jumpsuit or an easy-to-wear yet boiler suit for work. A denim jumpsuit or a jumpsuit made of soft cotton can also be worn to create a relaxed style. The absolute favorite for hot summer days is a women's playsuit.

A festive jumpsuit is a spectacular outfit choice

A women's jumpsuit is the perfect festive outfit for a wedding guest, a summer party or the Christmas season. A festive jumpsuit is an effortless outfit that lets you create a fabulous party look in one garment. A jumpsuit is a great alternative for a party dress!

IVALO.COM's sustainable fashion brands offer a wide range of women's jumpsuits, ranging from solid colors to patterns. The cuts, details, and materials used to make the jumpsuit also define the style of the garment. Often a jumpsuit has a belt to enhance the shape of the body.

The length of the sleeve also influences the style of the jumpsuit. Women's jumpsuits can be sleeveless, short-sleeved, long-sleeved, or off-shoulder. Choose the sleeves to suit the style of the occasion. In summer, make sure your jumpsuit is made from a breathable and lightweight material that feels cool on the skin, such as ecological linen or TENCEL™ lyocell.

Women's jumpsuits for parties or everyday wear - how to mix and match

You can also easily make one and the same jumpsuit work for the office, a party, or an after-work outfit by changing up the accessories. The most versatile women's jumpsuit has a color to match the other clothes you own and a material that's also party-appropriate.

To create a casual ensemble, you can wear the jumpsuit with sneakers, a denim jacket, and a cap. For an effortless look on a summer's day, team the jumpsuit with a pair of chunky sandals and trendy sunglasses.

For office style, the jumpsuit can be paired with loafers, ankle boots, or in summer, with stylish leather sandals. A women's jumpsuit sometimes need a warming layer - you can wear a cardigan or jacket over the garment.

Transform your women's jumpsuit into a party-ready look by slipping on heels or high-heeled sandals. A party jumpsuit also deserves to be paired with some gorgeous and showy jewels and a nice clutch. You can also replace the jumpsuit's own belt with a more festive version.

Choose a sustainable women's jumpsuit

Unique and stunning women's jumpsuit designs are available from several IVALO.COM design brands. Popular women's jumpsuit options in the IVALO.COM range include super comfortable organic cotton jumpsuits by Finnish company Aarrelabel. Their soft jumpsuits are relaxed and comfortable, and yet dressy and also suitable for parties.

You'll also find great women's overalls and jumpsuits from the responsible fashion pioneer Komodo. Komodo favors more eco-friendly materials such as cupro and ECOVERO™ viscose in their jumpsuits.

All clothing brands and ethical women's clothing sold on IVALO.COM have been assessed for sustainability and meet our sustainability criteria. We check sustainability for you, so you can shop with confidence and peace of mind.