Sustainable Stars - TWOTHIRDS

Sustainable Stars - TWOTHIRDS

IVALO.COM's Sustainable Stars blog concept highlights pioneering sustainability brands.

Fans of sustainable fashion were pleasantly surprised at the end of 2023 when one of the European superstars of sustainable fashion joined the IVALO.COM marketplace.

Our feedback channels received numerous positive comments and expressions of gratitude regarding the Spanish TWOTHIRDS' involvement.

The joy of colors, variety, and comfort

Man with a bicycle wearing a long sleeved shirt from TWOTHIRDS next to a woman wearing a striped TWOTHIRDS dress

TWOTHIRDS is as relaxed and colorful as its hometown Barcelona.

It has its origins in the Basque Country of Spain. Now based in Barcelona, the brand draws inspiration from the city's maritime essence, creativity, and abundance.

There's instant comfort and easiness in TWOTHIRDS’ clothes. The feel and materials of the range exude leisure, well-being, and outdoor living.

Woman relaxing in sun and wearing an olive green TWOTHIRDS dress next to a woman and a man at beach

The sustainably made men's and women's clothes are ideal for creating cozy hygge moments with family and friends, whether at home, on travels, or at the cottage.

However, the personal design adds an urban dimension and a big dose of individual style to the collections.

TWOTHIRDS skilfully transports its apparel from seaside and sandy landscapes to urban cafés and modern offices.

The gentleness of the clothes is emphasized by a softly nuanced color palette, evoking the tranquility of a sunset in a coastal fishing village and the lively dance of light on a morning surf beach.

Pre Order pioneer

A man wearing an orange brown hoodie from TWOTHIRDS next to woman wearing a mustard yellow set with flowers

More and more fashion brands are moving to a demand-driven production model, where products are made to order.

This requires some patience from the customer, as pre-order products are not immediately available for pick-up or delivery.

Nevertheless, pre-order is a sustainable way to buy - and a sustainable way to produce. It avoids overproduction and minimizes a wide range of wasted resources.

Pre-ordered and often pre-paid purchases give the brand flexibility to manage costs and demand. Pre-order products often come with a certain benefit as a reward for the customer's involvement in the production process.

Man and woman wearing TWOTHIRDS's clothes next to a running woman wearing a red sweater and shorts from TWOTHIRDS

TWOTHIRDS has been aiming to steer its production towards a demand-driven approach for a decade. Thus the brand justifiably calls itself a pre-order pioneer.

TWOTHIRDS seeks to manufacture its clothes for a genuine need. When the customer is highly motivated to purchase, wait, wear, and appreciate a garment, TWOTHIRDS goes the extra mile to ensure that the consumer receives a durable, ethical and loved piece of clothing.

It's a win-win situation - and the nature is grateful.

We are ocean

A woman sitting on a port wearing a green bomber jacket from TWOTHIRDS next to a woman wearing a striped summer dress

You can constantly encounter oceans in TWOTHIRDS' catalogs, collections, and campaigns. You'll find a new edition of the classic sailor style, sun and beach dreams, after surf party, stormy winter seascapes, and traditional seaside life.

The brand declares its existence and praises its community with the slogan "We are ocean".

A woman at surf beach wearing a green sweater from TWOTHIRDS

Lutz Schwenke, the CEO of TWOTHIRDS, spent a year in Hawaii during his youth, where the ocean left a lasting impression on him. The ocean became a great source of joy and motivation, which also inspired him to establish a sustainable clothing brand. TWOTHIRDS was born out of his love for oceans.

Take a look at TWOTHIRDS’ selection and discover the stunning craftsmanship, creative energy, and fair work for all.

The message and multicultural community of TWOTHIRDS resonate with every wearer. The clothes are made in an ethical production process in Portugal.