IVALO.COM bag selection aims to offer long-time life partners on a wide personal scale.

A life-long brand bag is fashionable, but a world-famous brand with a big name doesn’t always guarantee sustainability. The bags in IVALO.COM selection are produced in socially sustainable conditions and following the principles of sustainable development. The ethicality and ecology of a bag can be measured by its lifespan, materials and methods used in production, and conditions during the whole production chain.

IVALO.COM bag selection offers you loads of different utility bags, belt bags, work bags, handbags, evening bags, purses for parties, and shopping bags. We are also specialized in sustainable weekend bags, travel bags, training bags, innovative backpacks, and of course wallets and cardholders.

One of the most popular bag brands at IVALO.COM is the Finnish LUMI, which charms from year to year with its appealing timeless design and simple practicality. Lumi makes sustainable leather products mostly of vegetable tanned leather – it has a much smaller environmental impact than traditional leather dyed with chrome. 

Eco-leather is used also by our favorite Amsterdamster, O MY BAG. The sustainable bag brand produces its stylish design in Kolkata, India. The India program of O MY BAG promotes equality and women’s potential for influence.

Vegan bag options are presented by f.ex. ASK Scandinavia, an accessories brand from Helsinki. Their selection contains textile bags with classic and topical stitch designs. Some of the ASK Scandinavia products are made in collaboration with the fashion brand R/H.

ASK Scandinavia also uses plant leather made of fig cactus (prickly pear). The leather-like material DESSERTO®️ is irrigated with rainwater without pesticides and dried in the sun. The cactus bags by ASK Scandinavia were also noted in the USA Vogue magazine – the awesome design and innovative eco-material are truly impressive!

A small Lithuanian brand Distyled uses eco-material in their products as well: their microfiber fabric is a durable, sustainable, and vegan alternative to leather. Also, a Spanish brand Canussa presents timeless, vegan lifetime partners. HVISK from Copenhagen offers colorful, fun, and trendy vegan bags.