Stylish Sneakers for Women and Men

Sneakers have evolved from being just footwear for running to becoming favorites in street fashion over the past few decades. Nowadays, sneakers are suitable for various occasions, whether at work or during leisure time.

Sneakers provide comfort in dressing, as supportive footwear doesn't squeeze or rub. What's more, purchasing sneakers from IVALO.COM ensures you've made a responsible choice.

Our range offers stylish and responsible sneakers for both women and men. Some of the sneaker brands we carry include NAE Vegan Shoes, Alohas, Arze, Zèta, and Komrads.

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Sneakers and Trainers for Casual Style

You can choose colorful, black, or white sneakers from various styles to complement your look. Trendy street sneakers add an urban touch to any outfit. The comfort and versatility of sneakers make them a popular choice for both work attire and casual styles.

Sneakers effortlessly pair with many outfits. You can wear these trendy shoes casually with jeans, but they also look great with blouses or dresses. A popular and current style is to pair women's sneakers with wide-leg pants, adding a casual contrast to traditionally more formal styles of pants.

Many men now combine men's sneakers even with suits, if the occasion permits. Sneakers paired with a suit add a relaxed look and comfort to the outfit.

What Does Current Sneaker Fashion Look Like?

At IVALO.COM, we encourage focusing on finding your own style that stands the test of time rather than chasing trends. Therefore, it's advisable to choose sneakers and trainers that suit your style, opting for one or two pairs thoughtfully rather than many, ensuring you'll still love them next spring.

Regarding colors and patterns, sneakers currently feature bold and playful elements. Neon colors, colorful patterns, and retro-inspired details are popular, adding personality and joy to your style.

Classic colors such as white, black, and gray remain popular year after year, as they are versatile and easy to combine with different outfits. There is a variety of styles available, from rounded-toe versions to ones reminiscent of running shoes, so you'll surely find sneakers that match your taste.

White Sneakers Add a Fresh Look to Your Outfit

For many, white sneakers symbolize the arrival of spring, as heavy winter shoes can be stored away, and fresh, light sneakers can be brought out. White sneakers have become such a staple in so many women's and men's wardrobes that they can rightfully be called classic pieces.

You can pair white sneakers with almost any outfit to add freshness and a contemporary look. For example, these women's outfit combinations look great with white sneakers:

  • Black wide-leg pants paired with an oversized white shirt exude relaxation with white sneakers.
  • A knit dress with thick tights is perfect for when the spring sun hasn't warmed up enough yet, and sneakers immediately give the outfit a springtime look.
  • A brightly colored sweater together with blue jeans is a casual everyday combo that white sneakers fit into nicely.
  • White sneakers beautifully accentuate tanned legs, so they also go well with, for example, bike shorts and an oversized T-shirt.

How to Keep White Sneakers Clean?

White sneakers are prone to getting dirty, but with proper care, they will remain stylish year after year. Shoe maintenance is an easy eco-friendly act that extends the lifespan of sneakers.

From our range, you can find a handy Kwash set for sneaker cleaning. The set includes EcoCert-certified cleaning solution, a brush, a cleaning cloth, and clear instructions on how to clean sneakers.

You can also try washing sneakers in the machine at a low temperature, but we do not recommend it as machine washing weakens adhesives and may shorten the lifespan of sneakers.

An easy trick to freshen up the appearance of sneakers is to swap the white laces for clean ones, instantly refreshing the look of the shoes.

Only Responsible Sneakers and Trainers at IVALO.COM

Every clothing brand in the IVALO.COM range undergoes a 360-degree sustainability validation, examining the brand's sustainability from multiple perspectives. You can find the sustainability score of the brand in the product details.

We carefully select our brand partners to ensure that we offer our customers only the best and ethically sustainable options, allowing you to shop for shoes online easily and with a clear conscience. However, remember to consider your purchases carefully and only buy what you need!

Our sneaker range also includes various ethical and ecological material options, as many brands utilize vegan alternatives and recycled materials. You can find detailed material information in the product details of each pair of sneakers.