Haris Cotton

Haris Cotton comes from Athens, Greece, where it was founded in 1975 by Alexandros Tsougkranis and his wife Charikleia. Since then, the brand has evolved under the leadership of their successors Kostas and Eva, maintaining its aim to capture the essence of Greek summer all year round.

Haris Cotton offers clothing and accessories for the modern traveler and urban dweller. Haris Cotton clothing is light, free, comfortable, and timeless. You can wear them from the bosom of the sea and nature to the cafés and terraces of big cities.

Haris Cotton's design is effortless and inspired by Greece. The loose silhouettes of the garments suit a wide range of body types - both women and men. The brand respects a wide range of shapes and fits. You can comfortably wear Haris Cotton clothes also in very hot weather and climates.

Haris Cotton's values are firmly rooted in sustainability. Nature is at the heart of the brand, which is why they use organic materials and dyes. For example, you'll find the best linen clothing and loveliest summer dresses in the Haris Cotton range. All Haris Cotton clothing is designed and made in Greece.

Haris Cotton produces two seasonal collections every year. They are committed to standardized quality and environmentally friendly production.

Sustainability Leader
value chain.
  • Design country, material and its origin as well as production country are known
  • Supply chain known and supplier data gathered
  • Auditing of suppliers
  • No fur used, and no hazardous chemicals used in production of materials
  • Long-lasting / reparable / recycled / natural / organic / easily recyclable materials
  • Certificated materials
Lower carbon
  • Energy-efficient production & efficient logistics
  • Renewable energy used / flights avoided
  • Carbon footprint defined and plan for emission reduction & compensation implemented
Design in circular
  • Design for quality and long-term use
  • Zero waste / waste of production used by another company
  • Offering repair / 2nd hand / renting / recycling services
Good working
  • No child or forced labor, no unsafe or unfair working conditions
  • Living wage commitments and decent working hours
  • Code of conduct / offers education
Responsible online
  • No incineration or landfilling of returned items
  • Products are packed in natural or recycled materials
  • Environmentally-friendly delivery options