April Please

April Please

Julia Maufay and Émilie Dupas met in Lyon in 2009 while studying and became friends. Their journey took them to Paris and finally in 2016 to Los Angeles, where under the Californian sun, April Please was born.

April Please is a surprising, original and delicate jewellery brand. April Please breaks norms and defies trends, but leaves room for imagination and uniqueness.

April Please's multi-dimensional jewellery and the way it combines them brings out the personality and courage of each individual to express their creativity.

April Please's jewellery is made using an ethical production process that respects both the jewellery makers and their customers. April Please favors high quality French and European production and partners who represent local expertise. 

Close partnerships are also important to build transparency and a relationship of trust.

April Please has chosen 18 carat gold for its products, while many fashion and jewellery brands prefer 14 carat gold to limit costs. April Please wants to offer high quality and long lasting products. 

April Please's highly recycled gold and palladium are RJC (Responsible Jewellery Council) certified. Established in 2005, the RJC aims to improve transparency of the origin of metals and gemstones. The RJC's mission is to validate the best practices of companies involved in gold or diamond supply chains, from mining to distribution.

Each April Please jewel is first made of brass (a non-ferrous metal alloy, mainly composed of copper and zinc). Although brass tarnishes easily when raw, this does not affect its performance and durability. 

April Please is proud to bring together many beautiful values, because in addition to creating beauty, it is more important than ever to produce your product well.