Sports Bras

Sustainable sports bra for active women

A good sports bra is the best friend of every exerciser.

The comfort of a bra makes a difference to your quality of life. The functionality of a sports bra is particularly important to ensure that you can move effortlessly.

Sports bras must have a suitable and sufficiently snug chest measurement. Too tight chest measures will squeeze and make movement uncomfortable, while too loose fit will cause the sports bra to move. The sports bra should provide sufficiently strong support.

Loose sports bras can interfere with sporting activities and can irritate the skin. They may also not provide sufficient support.

Sports bras are usually made of a technical material that transfers sweat and moisture away from the skin. Sustainable sports bras often differ from traditional ones as they are not made from virgin material - but from recycled material. As a result, sustainable sports bras have a smaller carbon footprint. Furthermore, truly responsible sports bras are produced under ethical and controlled production conditions.

An important tip for sports bra care! Don't use fabric softener when washing your sports bra, and it will last longer.

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