Men's and Women's Beanies

Sustainable beanies for all

A beanie is cute, soft, warming, and nice – and also stylish! Trendy, puffy beanies keep you safe from storm winds and rain while making you look urban and fashionable.

To have a super chic look, choose a chunky and furry mohair beanie from the selection of Voglia, PURA Finland or Samuji. Many brands also offer thinner ribbed beanies.

Other Finnish additions to the range include Kaiko and Aarrelabel. There are shades to suit all tastes, from grey to bright, vibrant colors. Finish the look with a matching scarf.

Choose an ecological and ethical beanie

All IVALO.COM brands are assessed using our 360 sustainability validation before they are sold in our online shop. You can shop with confidence, we've curated the selection and verified the brands' sustainability for you. For more information on the sustainability of each brand, please check the product information.