Women's Shorts

Sustainable and Stylish Women's Shorts

Women's shorts are a staple of summer fashion. IVALO.COM also offers women's shorts in more sustainable versions. The women's shorts in our selection are ethically made and designed to last long.

Our online store offers shorts for women in numerous styles, models, and colors. Choose your favorite freely according to your taste.

Choose Women's Shorts from Your Favorite Material

The style of shorts is greatly defined by the material: silk, modal, or viscose drape elegantly, while 100% cotton or coarser linen give shorts a safari-like structure.

A refined material makes women's shorts suitable for work and even for celebrations, while a more casual material choice is perfect for leisure and a more relaxed look.

Denim Shorts

Women's denim shorts are a timeless choice for beach vacations or street style. They never go out of fashion. You can choose the model according to your taste: shorter or longer legs, tighter or looser fit.

Pair denim shorts with a fresh white t-shirt, top, or blouse, and complete your look with sunglasses and jewelry.

Linen Shorts

Linen is a popular material for shorts in the summer because it is breathable and airy, making it comfortable to wear even in warm weather. Linen shorts are also durable and long-lasting, making them a great investment for every woman's wardrobe.

Linen shorts are perfect for a relaxed and timeless summer style. They are easy to mix and match with various tops. Linen is a natural material, and it is an eco-friendly choice because its production is more environmentally friendly compared to traditional cotton. Linen does not require much water, pesticides, or fertilizers to grow, and it can also thrive in poorer soil. Additionally, linen withstands repeated washing well and only gets softer and more comfortable with use.

Lounge Shorts

Casual sweat shorts are a comfortable choice for summer outfits and lounging at home. Sweat fabric is soft and stretchy, making it comfortable to wear and allowing free movement. Wear sweat shorts for a jog, to the gym, or as loungewear.

At IVALO.COM, you will find women's sweat shorts and other casual shorts in many colors and styles, so you are sure to find the ones that suit your taste.

Women's Shorts in Many Styles

You can play with the length of shorts. Short shorts are classic, and longer Bermudas make a statement. Super wide shorts that reach the knee form a fun shorts skirt. Choose the best shorts for you according to your style and body type.

In recent years, the golden era of bikers, or cycling shorts, has been visible in both workout clothes and relaxed street fashion. Biker shorts or cycling shorts are paired with oversized hoodies, t-shirts, and sweaters, but also with heels and an oversized dress shirt for a more polished look.

In IVALO.COM's shorts selection, you will also find women's micro shorts, high-waisted shorts, swim shorts, knit shorts, Bermuda shorts, lace shorts, and sports shorts.

Stand Out with Practical Details

IVALO.COM's women's shorts selection emphasizes the importance of details. Choose women's shorts with stylish cuts, pockets, or adjustable waistbands. These not only enhance comfort but also add a personal touch. Eye-catching buttons, zippers, or embroideries make the shorts stand out in style.

The different pocket solutions in shorts are practical but also highlight the design and shape the style of the shorts. Zippers and buttons can be styled, metallic, or wooden, bringing either a modern or a natural look to the shorts.

The Better Shorts

Shorts that consider ethical production and more sustainable and durable materials bring joy to the wearer. You can also order women's shorts from us effortlessly online - with a good conscience. We have carefully checked the responsibility of the brands sold in our online store in advance, so you can shop without worry. Each brand undergoes a comprehensive IVALO.COM 360 Sustainability Validation, where we examine the brand's responsibility from many angles.

Responsibility in both shorts and other clothes we sell means, for example, fair production working conditions, durable and purpose-appropriate materials, and adherence to circular economy principles.