Women's Loungewear

Sustainable and comfortable women's loungewear

It's the best feeling when you can change out of your office clothes for a soft women's lounge outfit after a long day at work! Women's loungewear is a must-have for relaxing on the sofa, Netflix marathons, long weekend mornings, and summer trips to the cottage. Home outfits should be comfortable and pamperingly soft.

IVALO.COM offers sustainable and ethical women's loungewear. Here you can find women's lounge pants, leggings, women's T-shirts, dressing gowns, kimonos, and other wonderfully soft and comfortable loungewear to wear at home. See also our warm women's knitted trousers, a favorite for the winter season.

The most classic home outfit is a sweatsuit. Choose women's sweatpants and a sweatshirt or hoodie in the same color to create the perfect stylish and matching set. In addition to home, you can wear the set when doing your grocery shopping - or, why not, as a comfy outfit when having a brunch with friends.

A kimono, dressing gown, or bathrobe are also part of many women's home attire. A kimono is an elegant and breathable option for lounging at home. It's easy to throw on over your pyjamas as soon as you wake up. Morning gowns also come in a range of gorgeous patterns that add personality to your home outfits.

Of course, feeling comfortable starts with underwear. Wear well-fitting, sustainable women's underwear that doesn't pinch or squeeze, and enjoy a complete sense of coziness.

Homewear for women from ecological materials

Women's loungewear is often made from cotton. Many of IVALO.COM's sustainable brands prefer more ecological organic cotton, Fairtrade cotton or recycled cotton instead of traditional cotton. Cotton is soft, easy to care for, and very resistant to wear, making it a good choice for garments that are worn and washed a lot.

Ecological lyocell TENCEL™️ is also a common material for women's loungewear. It is breathable and comfortable to the touch. Lyocell makes women's loungewear feel indulgent and luxurious. Another popular material is mulesing-free merino wool, which is non-itchy and therefore usually suitable for sensitive skin. Women's woollen loungewear is warm and does not require frequent washing, airing is usually sufficient.

Pajamas or nightgown? We also offer women's sleepwear

A nightgown not only works for sleeping but also as a relaxed outfit for an evening at home. IVALO.COM also offers a range of ecological sleepwear for women. Find women's pajamas, nightgowns, and tops made responsibly.

The softest women's pyjamas are offered by CasaGin from Italy. You won't want to take off your CasaGin pajamas, they have such a dreamy soft feel! CasaGin uses TENCEL™️ lyocell as its material and the garments are Oeko-Tex certified, which guarantees that the fabric is safe and does not contain dyes that are harmful to the environment.

The women's night dress can be found in a lovely cotton version in the Kaiko range, for example. And if women's nightwear made of linen could be just the thing for you, make sure to check out AmourLinen's selection.

Ethically made loungewear for conscious women

Women's loungewear brings a gentle softness and a sense of calm to every day. Make a better choice and choose women's loungewear made sustainably.

IVALO.COM checks the sustainability of every brand we sell before listing products for sale in our online store. We assess the sustainability of clothing brands from many angles, in a total of eight different areas. When you buy from us, you can be sure that the clothes you wear are made fairly and in safe working conditions. For each product, you can see the sustainability rating of the brand and the score it has received.

We offer a wide range of loungewear, so everyone can find something they like. When looking for the perfect outfit to wear at home, check out the selection of Globe Hope, Voglia, and Understatement.

We make it quick and easy to order sustainable women's loungewear online. We offer free delivery for orders over a specific amount. The purchase limit for free delivery may vary from time to time. Please check our shipping policy to find out the current terms and conditions.