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Mini, midi, or maxi? A skirt is a traditional womenswear piece that today has a myriad of modern variations, also at IVALO.COM marketplace. All lengths are beautiful and recommended; go ahead and pick your favorite or several!

The sustainable women’s skirt selection includes the popular Finnish brand Kaiko with their lovely organic cotton designs and the Swedish Residus with their comfortable eco-viscose material.

From IVALO.COM online store you can choose a skirt for work, celebration, winter, or summer heatwave. We have hundreds of different A-lined cuts, wooly skirts, long slim fits, pencil skirts, various slits – you name it.

Secure choices for skirts today are the flowered designs as well as denim skirts and minis. A hit product now is also ”button skirt” – a very trendy piece available in many different shades and materials. When you aim for a party, choose a splashy maxi skirt or a topical pleated skirt.

Combine your skirt with a relaxed knit, a sharp collared shirt, or a classic tee. You can vary the look of a single skirt easily and thus have an efficient wardrobe – less is more when your choices are wise.