Scarves and Neck Warmers

IVALO.COM marketplace presents loads of scarves in different designs. A scarf is a forever favorite of all accessories – it brings variety and spice to your style. Right now, headscarves are a topical item, used widely and in many versatile ways.

IVALO.COM scarves selection is personal and chic. From these sustainable scarves, you’ll surely find your favorite piece! The Finnish brands Tauko and Ivana Helsinki present interesting design scarves. If you like silk, check out the selections of Telakka, Voglia, KATRI NISKANEN, and Riona Treacy.

The most important function of a scarf is to give you warmth while looking stylish. In wintertime, a good scarf is a necessity – it’s like a warm blanket to fight away the breeze! Perfect security scarves made of mohair, merino wool, or cashmere, are available in many different colors and shades by several brands.