Kids' Accessories

Kids' accessories

IVALO.COM has a selection of accessories for kids is full of lovely beanies, hats, and various headwear. Protecting children’s precious heads is always important, no matter the season – from the sun and UV radiation, wind, rain, and frost.

With the accessories, it’s easy to create variations in the clothing style for different occasions. Thus there is no need for a huge amount of basics, for they are largely combinable. A pretty bow tie, wide turban band, or showy hat can turn any dress into a more personal and festive outfit.

IVALO.COM’s favorite accessories for kids are the lightweight and breathable linen hats by the domestic Kaiko. Natural linen is an ideal material – it’s moisture absorbing, drying fast, feeling warm in cold weather, and cool in hot weather. It’s also dirt repellent.

Kaiko’s linen hats include a cap with a soft visor that stays on easily and protects the face and eyes. There are also stylish sun hats in two different designs: the other one is a tighter fit that doesn’t fly off even when the going gets speedy, and the other is a gorgeous bohemian style cylinder hat offering good sun protection.