Women's Underpants

Responsibly made women's underpants

IVALO.COM's range of sustainable women's lingerie also includes ethically made women's panties from thongs to hipsters. Choosing our everyday undies with care is one of the easiest eco deeds. It’s a small step with a great effect – we consume them quite a lot and by switching to a more nature-friendly option, we can start building our wardrobe into a more environment-conscious direction.

Women's panties are an intimate and personal item of clothing, complementing the style and individuality of the wearer. IVALO.COM's range of women's knickers includes strings, high-waisted panties, Brazilian underpants, women's boxers, hipster undies, seamless underpants as well as gorgeous lace underpants.

IVALO.COM offers a wide range of women's panties in a variety of shades, patterns, and materials. There are options for the simple style lover, who can choose for instance black undies, white g-strings, or nude or beige women's panties, which are unnoticeable even under white clothes. There's also a choice for those who love a splash of color and bold design.

Many of IVALO.COM's sustainable clothing brands use organic cotton or recycled cotton in their underwear, which is a more eco-friendly option than traditional cotton. Among the more eco-conscious materials, TENCEL™ is also popular in the assortment of sustainable underwear brands. In addition, more sustainable panties are available in a variety of recycled materials.

Discover the different models of women's panties

Women's underpants are available in a wide range of models, from which you can choose the best and most comfortable for you, according to your own preferences. The specifications of the models may vary slightly depending on the manufacturer.

These are some of the most popular models of ladies' underpants:

Women's g strings and thongs

Women's g strings and thongs are panties with a triangular front and a thin fabric band at the back that comes between the buttocks. G strings have the least amount of fabric of the different types of panties. The advantage of g strings and thongs is that they are not very visible underneath clothing, which is why many women prefer them.

Brazilian briefs

Brazilian panties are usually quite low-waisted. Brazilian panties and 'regular' briefs offer the same amount of coverage on the front, but the difference is the coverage on the back - Brazilian panties leave the lower buttocks exposed, but still provide more coverage than thongs.

Classic women's briefs

This is what many people think of as the traditional women's brief. The front is triangular in shape and the back covers the buttocks. The waist height varies from low to high.

Women's hipsters

Hipsters cover the hips at the front and the buttocks at the back. The buttocks are covered in varying degrees, with some models having a higher back than others. The waist of hipster panties is usually low to medium-rise.

Women's boxer briefs

Women's boxers are similar in style to men's boxers. They have short legs. Boxer briefs are comfortable to wear and provide plenty of coverage.

Women's high-waisted briefs

As the name suggests, these panties have a high waistband, which many women appreciate as it adds comfort. Otherwise, the design may vary. Depending on the model, the waist extends to or above the navel. A high waist is comfortable as it stays in place well and does not roll. High-waisted briefs also provide support and gently shape the tummy.

Seamless panties

Seamless knickers or thongs for women are a good choice especially when worn with skin-tight clothes. They have no visible seams. Seamlessness also increases comfort.

Underwear for women online from sustainable clothing brands

IVALO.COM online shop brings together the best brands in sustainable fashion. We use our IVALO.COM 360 sustainability validation system, developed in collaboration with experts in the field. This validation allows us to look at the sustainability of clothing brands from multiple perspectives. Only brands that have passed our strict sustainability criteria are sold in our online shop.

A long-standing lingerie favorite in our range is the Swedish brand Understatement. The brand's range includes both stunning lace panties and seamless versions. You can also find period panties in the Understatement range, which you can wear during menstruation instead of a tampon or sanitary towel.

CasaGin brings luxury comfort to your underwear drawer. CasaGin women's undies are made of TENCEL modal, which feels silky soft against the skin. Other responsible lingerie brands in our range include Olly, Vatter, and Anekdot.

We also offer ethically produced bras and bralettes in many designs and colors to go with your panties. IVALO.COM offer good looks with good conscience, and here you can find the popular brands of sustainable fashion as well as some more unknown gems. In addition to ecology, ethics, and social responsibility, IVALO.COM's range is contemporary, and urban, and meets your individual needs.