Pura Clothing

Pura Clothing

Pura Clothing is a Swiss sustainable clothing brand that manufactures swimwear, loungewear, sportswear, and accessories.

Pura Clothing's design is minimalist. The strength of the brand's clothing and accessories lies in excellent mix-and-matchability. The simple style suits many occasions, the clothes withstand time and adapt to needs and occasions.

Alongside sleek and simple design, Pura offers subdued classic shades in its collection - and sometimes trendy, individual color accents.

Pura Clothing focuses on quality and fit. The brand aims to offer ecological fashion as high-quality garments that you can enjoy in everyday use.

Pura garments use environmentally friendly materials that feel soft on the skin. All of Pura Clothing's fabrics are sourced from Europe, and all products are handmade in Switzerland, Portugal, and Italy.

For comfort and eco-friendliness, Pura Clothing favors materials like TENCEL™ Lyocell.

Pura makes its pricing transparent, aiming to show the true production costs of responsibly made and high-quality garments.

The brand does not use any air travel in its production or logistics.