Women's Knitwear

Quality knitwear for women from IVALO.COM

High-quality knitted sweaters are the best of all clothes! We all need some knits in our wardrobes, for the office just as for our own sweet time. In knits, the materials play a very important role. Natural materials are warmer to wear and won’t electrify even in colder weather. Sometimes other fibers are blended in to improve the durability of the piece.

Love your knits by taking care of them

You can keep your beloved knitted treasure good as new by just taking care of it right. Ventilate more, wash less. Remove stains locally. It pays off to purchase a cloth brush and a lint comb! When your sweater needs a wash, make sure you use the right detergent – it should be mild and designated for knits. Also, while drying your knit, follow the instructions regarding the materials.

Sustainable, ecological, and ethical women’s sweaters and cardigans

IVALO.COM brings you ecological and ethical cardigans, sweaters, cotton knits, wooly knits, knitted vests, knitted turtlenecks, and more. Also, charming knitted accessories such as beanies, mittens, and scarves are available. The brands at IVALO.COM invest in ecological materials in their production, f.ex. linen, ethical wool, and merino wool.

The most popular knit brand at IVALO.COM is The Knotty Ones, specializing in social sustainability. The brand enables Lithuanian housewives and mothers to be in the industry in a fair and safe manner. The women materialize the topical designs of The Knotty Ones from the best materials as custom handcrafts. The top-seller sweaters at IVALO.COM are The Knotty Ones’ designs Tommy, Laumės, and Twisted Erik.