Women's Underwear

Bras & Bralettes

Sustainable lingerie is a novelty still – it’s a bit unusual to find truly ethical and ecological underwear selection online. That’s why IVALO.COM marketplace has started to invest in these beauties in various designs – for you and for nature.

IVALO.COM has found lovely partners producing sustainable lingerie for women. Our most popular underwear brands are Lovanna Lingerie from Finland, as well as Understatement from Sweden. These sustainable brands offer you a sweet selection of bras, bodies, underpants, swimsuits, knickers, tops, and shorts.

Vatter from Germany presents underwear, shirts, and layers made of high-quality cotton. These pieces are perfect for home lounging and sleeping, or basically whenever you wanna feel warm and comfy – naturally.

Underwear is one of the basics of our wardrobe. They need to be practical, comfortable and suit our style. That’s why we need some alternatives for summer, winter, sports, leisure, celebration, and everyday life. Choosing our lingerie with care and consideration, we save money, time, environment, and room in our closets.