MAMAkoru is a Finnish jewellery brand that produces unique jewellery fashion.

MAMAkoru's design is rich. The range of jewellery, colours and materials is versatile.

MAMAkoru is an accessory at its best and can easily accentuate and transform your style. MAMAkoru can be used with both, elegant party dresses, and simple all-black outfits.

MAMAkoru is the creation of Petra Eriksson from Rauma, who has been making jewellery for a long time. More than ten years of jewellery hobby as a way of life led to the birth of MAMAkoru, and Petra's hobby became more professional and determined.

Petra gathers ideas for her jewellery collections from all over the world, especially from art, nature and fashion. MAMAkoru is designed for people who march to the beat of their own drum.

The stylistic diversity of MAMAkoru caters to a delightfully wide range of customers. The brand has deliberately grown its business by collaborating with a variety of artists and designers. This direction has felt right and productive to Petra. MAMAkoru represents a contemporary and communal sustainable fashion.