Women's Sweaters

Trendy women's sweatshirts from IVALO.COM

The shining stars of the urban street style are hoodies and sweatshirts. They can be combined with jeans, dresses, or biker shorts – modern sweaters bend well into both sporty and feminine styles.

Many of the women’s sweatshirts at IVALO.COM are small batches from independent designers. When you choose a piece from our marketplace, it’s not very likely to come across in the next corner. The designs vary in styles, tones, and details. The materials are for example organic cotton and lyocell.

Ecological, ethical and sustainable sweatshirts and sweaters

Take a look at the magnificent colors and candid designs of Brava Fabrics. Scandinavian simplicity is presented by the Swedish brands Residus and I Dig Denim. A sporty unisex style you’ll find from the collections of Rotholz, Trendsplant and Pure Waste.

IVALO.COM is a marketplace for sustainable fashion. We have carefully curated our selection and checked the sustainability of each brand against the Sustainable Fashion Framework.