Women's Swimwear

Sustainable women's swimwear and bikinis

Swimwear is synonymous with warmth and holiday! Maybe that's why buying a swimsuit or bikini feels so special. At IVALO.COM you'll find ethically and responsibly produced swimwear and bikini options for all gorgeous women. We've selected a wide range of options for different body types, so you're sure to find your favourite. Take a dip in the pool or run to the sea in your new favourite swimwear!

A range of options is available. At IVALO.COM you'll find women's bikinis, two-piece swimsuits, traditional swimsuits and a wide range of other swimwear. Your swimsuit covers or reveals just as much as you want when you head to the beach or pool. Make your choice according to your own preferences.

Swimsuits can be bought in a variety of places, such as brick-and-mortar stores or online. Buying online is quick and easy, with a wide range of swimsuits from different brands and in different sizes. At IVALO.COM you can easily order your swimwear online and know that you have made a responsible choice, because we only sell women's clothing that is sustainably and ethically produced.

Ecological women's swimwear made from recycled materials

IVALO.COM's online shop offers a wide range of stylish, ethical and high quality women's swimwear to suit all tastes. All our range of women's swimwear is produced according to sustainable development principles and made ecologically from recycled materials.

The use of recycled materials helps reduce the environmental impact of clothing production and produces less waste. One of the most popular materials for swimsuits and bikinis is ECONYL® nylon, made from plastics collected from the sea and land. For more information on swimsuit and bikini materials, see the description of each product.

Remember, even small environmental actions help. Through our choices, we can help ensure that we can continue to swim and enjoy beach life in a clean and beautiful environment in the future.

Sustainably produced swimwear for all women

A good swimsuit makes the one wearing it feel confident and beautiful. Thanks to the variety of designs, everyone can find a swimsuit or bikini to suit their body, taste and purpose for lounging on the beach, swimming or sports.

IVALO.COM offers a range of high quality and stylish women's swimsuits and bikinis for every style. From our wide selection you will find stunning swimsuits in every colour imaginable. In vibrant colors such as red, pink or green look great on the beach and stands out from the crowd. White swimwear or bikinis, on the other hand, will accentuate your tan beautifully. A black swimsuit is an effortless classic with a style that will stand the test of time. Think about the colour you're most comfortable in and make your choice accordingly. You can also play around with different patterns or combinations of bikini bottoms and tops.

There's also a choice of details. Different designs offer personalised options. For example, you can opt for a spectacular one-piece with asymmetric cut or a swimsuit finished with a belt. Different cuts and pleats also add distinction to swimsuits and bikinis. For example, a bikini bottom with a high waist will give a different look than a lower one.

We offer swimwear not only for beach life, but also for swimming. For sports, you need a swimsuit that stays securely on when you move. Our range also includes traditional swimsuits for sports and active living, with a supportive design and straps that stay in place.

You'll also find long-sleeved swimwear in our online shop, especially suitable for surfing. The surf shirt protects your hands and back from the sun in the water, so you can enjoy being in the water safely for longer.

Which swimsuit suits my body type?

We encourage you to choose the swimsuit or bikini that speaks to you. However, you can choose to take your body type into account when choosing a swimsuit. This will help you to find the design that best flatters your body.

For the A-body, or pear-shaped body, a colourful or ruffled bikini top will add volume to the upper part of your body. To balance out the lower body, you can choose a pair of bikini bottoms in a solid colour that matches or is darker than the top. Trendy high-waisted bikini bottoms are also suitable for the pear. In a swimsuit, a round or a straight neckline is a good choice for an A-shaped swimmer. If you prefer, you can also choose a padded swimsuit or bikini top.

If you have an O-shaped body, focus on highligthing the legs. One-piece swimsuit can be a flattering option for an O-shaped person, especially if it has vertical stripes or other vertical elements that create a slimming illusion. Different slimming cuts and colour effects on the side also work. When shopping for a bikini, consider a high-waisted bottom to draw attention to your gorgeous legs. Wide straps work for the top. A tankini, meaning a long top like a tank top, is also a flattering option.

For a curvy hourglass body, a swimsuit with a graphic pattern or vertical stripes is perfect. For an X-shaped body, a V-neckline and wide straps work best in a bikini. For the bottom, you can choose a high-waisted design that accentuates the waist.

If you have a slim, straight H-shaped body, you may want to use a swimsuit or bikini to add some shape to your body. Feel free to choose colours, rounded shapes and even horizontal stripes. You can also make use of pleats and other details that add volume.

Quality swimwear for women of all sizes

Different body shapes deserve the swimwear that best suits them. Some of IVALO.COM's swimsuit brands also offer larger sizes. The body changes with different life situations, and this should not be a limit to wearing wonderful swimsuits and enjoying swimming or being on the beach.

We also offer large sizes, with a range of swimsuits for women of all sizes. Plus sizes in swimwear and bikinis also offer plenty of choice. In addition to the classic black, swimsuits are available in a range of lovely colours and patterns. Feel free to choose according to your style. Order your swimsuit online, it's quick and easy!

Choose a responsible women's swimsuit

IVALO.COM is a marketplace for sustainable fashion, where you can also find ecological and ethical swimsuits and bikinis for women. For each product, you can see the environmental impact of the product throughout the manufacturing and delivery process, as well as the type of materials the swimwear is made of. All products are manufactured ethically, safely and fairly. All swimwear in the IVALO.COM range uses recycled materials, the most common being ECONYL® nylon.

Our selection includes the best brands of sustainable fashion, and you will find women's swimwear for all tastes. IVALO.COM's team favorites are swimsuits from Swedish super-popular Understatement. Another interesting swimwear brand is Finnish Morico, which specializes in reversible swimsuits, so you get two options in one package. The gorgeous Anekdot is also worth checking out. In their range, you'll find luxury swimwear embellished with stunning details and cuts.

Once you have selected the perfect swimsuit for you, it's also important to take care of it properly, so you can enjoy your swimsuit or bikinis for many summers to come. Check out from our blog our instructions on how to take care of swimwear.