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Sustainable swimsuits and bikinis for women

Swimwear is like a dream of warmth and vacation! That’s why it always feels somehow special to choose a new favorite bikini or swimsuit. From the selection of IVALO.COM, you’ll find sustainably produced options that you’ll love for a long time.

We have picked a wide selection to serve all body types and tastes. Dive in the pool or run into the ocean; just remember to enjoy the sun responsibly and consciously.

Swimwear from ecological recycled materials

IVALO.COM swimwear brands take care of nature by using ecological materials: they use a lot of f.ex. Econyl, which is recycled polyester. It looks and feels just like the familiar swimwear fabric, but is actually made of plastic waste collected from landfills and oceans. The climate impact of Econyl is only 1/5 of that of traditional nylon.

Popular swimwear brands for women at IVALO.COM are several. Check out the fabulous statuesque design by AllSisters from Barcelona, the Swedish super favorite Understatement, and Finnish Morico. Morico’s speciality is the reversible bikini design; you get two different bikinis at once, unicolor and patterned.