Women's Swimwear

Women’s swimwear

Swimwear is a promise of sun and the holidays! Perhaps that is the reason why finding the perfect swimsuit or bikinis feels that good. From IVALO.COM you can find ethically and sustainably produced swimwear whether you choose one-piece swimsuit or two piece bikinis. The curated swimsuit collection has many different models to fit all body types. Get ready to take a dip in the deep end of the pool or enjoy the waves in sea in your new favourite swimwear!

You can find women’s swimwear in IVALO.COM. The online store has a variation of available swimsuits from sustainable designers including bikinis, high-waisted bottoms strapless tops, monokinis and one piece swimsuits. Women’s bikinis are available amongst other materials in regenerated nylon, recycled polyester and jersey. Check out also swimwear which is produced with no-waste technique.

IVALO.COM is a marketplace for sustainable fashion where you can find swimwear for women. Each brand, which is present in the online store, will be evaluated for their sustainability level and you can easily see the environmental impact its clothing production and transportation have and the materials which have been used in the swimwear.