Bras & Bralettes

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Bras & Bralettes

Even though quite invisible, a bra is a very significant piece of our outfit – it affects our well-being and comfort, and even health, more than most of the clothes we wear! It’s crucial that the bra is exactly the right size and brings just the right support and shape.

Sustainable bra brands invest in comfort, nature-friendly materials, plastic reducing and magnificent design in their product development.

Most of the lingerie brands at IVALO.COM also focus on the important small details in their design to make us happy – minimizing all seams, hooks, and wash tags.

IVALO.COM presents a great range of bras, bralettes, push-ups, trendy tops, and classic triangles – with or without paddings. The materials vary from soft organic cotton to modal TENCEL ™ renewable wood pulp fiber.