Women's Swimsuits

Sustainable swimsuits for women

Women's swimsuits offer alternative to bikinis, giving a bit more coverage. A high-quality full swimsuit is stylish and stays on even during water sports and fast-paced situations. IVALO.COM's range of ethical and ecological women's swimwear offers many options for the beach or pool.

Choose the most suitable swimsuit from different models according to what feels best for your body. In addition to the traditional swimsuit models, our selection also includes more special cuts, and there are also long-sleeved surf suits that protect from the sun. The materials include ecological and recycled materials.

We offer sustainable swimwear from, Copenhagen Cartel, SEAY, and Understatement, among others. A black swimsuit is always a sure choice, but you will also find great looking prints and a wide range of colors, from strong power colors to more moderate shades.