Sustainable sunglasses for men and women

Sunglasses can also be sustainable and eco-friendly - and still, look stunningly stylish. Sunglasses can be made not only from traditional plastics and metals but also from recycled and biodegradable materials such as wood.

IVALO.COM's responsible online shop also offers a comprehensive range of sunglasses from different brands, which you can easily order online from us. Timeless sunglasses for men and women are characterized by classic design and quality materials.

How to choose the right sunglasses?

Choose quality when buying sunglasses. That's how you know you're getting long-lasting lenses and frames. The glasses should fit comfortably on your face and, of course, provide adequate protection from the sun. You should choose sunglasses with good UV protection, which protects against both UVA and UVB rays.

There are countless models of sunglasses available. Different models are offered to suit different face shapes. Your choice will also depend on where you plan to wear them and, of course, your personal style. Many models are suitable for both women's and men's facial features.

There are some rules of thumb on what kind of sunglasses are flattering for different face shapes:

  1. Oval-shaped face: Lucky you! Almost all sunglasses styles are flattering for an oval-shaped face. Measure the width of your face and compare it to the dimensions of the sunglasses you're about to buy.
  2. Round face: Test rectangular and square frames to create contrast and give the illusion of a narrower face. Large cat-shaped glasses can also be flattering.
  3. Square face: Try round or oval frames to soften the angularity of the face. Also, consider trying neutral-tinted or tortoiseshell sunglasses.
  4. Heart-shaped face: Rounded or large cat-eye frames can be flattering for heart-shaped faces, as they bring balance. Also, sunglasses classic, aviators, are great for this face shape.

Also consider the purpose of the sunglasses:

  1. For sports: Choose lightweight sunglasses that stay in place while working out. Polarized lenses reduce reflections and improve contrast.
  2. For driving: When driving, wear sunglasses that do not distort color vision, usually brown or yellow-brown lenses are suitable. The lenses should not be too dark, so you don't get blinded, for example, when driving through a tunnel. Polarised sunglasses are also a good choice for driving, as they are particularly suitable for environments with a lot of light reflection, such as traffic.
  3. For leisure and general use: Choose high-quality lenses that protect your eyes from UV rays. Style is free!

Is it worth buying polarised sunglasses?

Polarised sunglasses have been popular in recent years. Polarisation provides extra comfort and protection compared to traditional sunglasses.

These are the benefits you get when you wear polarised sunglasses:

  1. Less reflections: Polarised lenses protect against reflections from the sun, for example from water, snow, or metal surfaces. Without reflections, you can see more clearly and your eyes don't get tired as easily.
  2. Better contrast and clearer colors: Polarized lenses improve contrast. Colours appear more vivid and brighter than with traditional sunglasses.
  3. More comfort: Reduced reflections from the sun make your vision more comfortable. Polarized sunglasses can reduce eye strain and related headaches.
  4. Safety on the road: Polarised sunglasses can improve visibility while driving by reducing reflections from the road surface and other vehicles.

However, polarised sunglasses are not the best solution in all situations. For example, polarised lenses can cause problems while driving as digital displays can be difficult to read. In addition, on a ski slope, for example, polarised glasses can reduce visibility by filtering out reflections that help you see shapes and irregularities in the snow.

What types of sunglasses are there?

There are variations of sunglasses to suit every style. There are also color options to match every taste. Classic sunglass designs include:

Aviator sunglasses

A classic, teardrop-shaped lens that fits most face shapes. They are a great choice especially for heart-shaped and oval faces. Aviator glasses are a style that stands the test of time and trends. Discover IVALO.COM's selection of aviator style sunglasses here.

Wayfarer sunglasses

A fashion classic since the 50s. The Wayfarer model has rectangular frames and the frame extends slightly from the top corner. The Wayfarer model is also suitable for a wide range of face shapes, both men and women.

Cat-eye sunglasses

A feminine and vintage-inspired model, particularly suitable for heart-shaped and oval faces. The Cat-eye model has a frame design that rises upwards to brighten up the look. Take a look at our collection of cat-eye sunglasses here.

Round sunglasses

Round frames are ideal for square faces, giving a softer look. Trendy round glasses can also be used to create a bohemian or retro style. See round sunglasses here.

Rectangular sunglasses

In recent years, there has been a wide variety of rectangular-shaped lenses in sunglass fashion. You can find generously sized rectangular sunglasses that extend well beyond the face, as well as narrower models. There are plenty of options to choose from under rectangular sunglasses. Explore the selection of rectangular sunglasses on IVALO.COM here.

Sporty sunglasses

Designed especially for active use. They fit snugly and comfortably on the face to stay in place during exercise. Sport models often have side protection as well.


These sunglasses can be worn alone or over glasses. They wrap around the sides of the face to provide maximum protection from sunlight and reflections. They are particularly suitable for outdoor activities such as cycling or skiing.

Ecological and ethical sunglasses brands from IVALO.COM

The most popular sustainable sunglass labels at IVALO.COM are MELLER and Joplins.

MELLER, based in Barcelona, offers a wide range of stylish sunglasses for men and women. In addition to sunglasses, the brand also offers blue light protection glasses. Even the most trend-conscious will be sure to find the perfect pair from MELLER's wide selection.

Portuguese company Joplins uses innovative materials such as bamboo, cotton fibers, recycled wood, and wood pulp to make its sunglasses. Joplins also uses safe and high-quality polarised lenses in their sunglasses.