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If you’re looking for sustainable sportswear for women, look no further. The super popular Ninepine from Stockholm is something you wanna check out! Ninepine produces training clothes with a holistic approach – and encourages people to move and enjoy life.

Ninepine designs perfectly functional and good looking clothes for yoga, running, crossfit, triathlon, hiking, and any kind of training you can possibly think of. Their selection contains fitness pants with various different features, sport tops, shorts, sweatshirts, and sweatpants, all top quality.

Another popular sports brand at IVALO.COM is Iron Roots, which wants to get rid of microplastics in sportswear. Iron Roots presents training clothes that guaranteed release no plastics at all.

Also, a Swedish brand Houdini offers a wide selection of tops, shirts with or without sleeves, sport bras, shorts, pants, and layers. Houdini sportswear is very suitable for active outdoor life and sports – also in winter.