Women's Activewear

Sustainable and ethical women's workout clothes and sportswear

When you're looking for sustainable workout clothes for women, you've come to the right place. IVALO.COM offers a comprehensive range of activewear for women. We have ethically made workout tights, women's sweatpants, sports bras, women's gym shorts, workout shirts, and other women's training clothes all in one place.

Ecological and ethical women's activewear will bring a new dimension to your training. When you choose sustainable women's workout clothes, you can make an eco and ethical choice that goes beyond your own well-being. The clothing brands sold on IVALO.COM ensure safe working conditions for those who work with the products. Your choice allows you to contribute to improving the quality of life of people working in the clothing industry.

Women's training tights and leggings for the gym, yoga or the city

Women's activewear tights are now a familiar sight not only in the gym and on the jogging trail, but also as part of leisure wear. Comfortable sports leggings can be worn to yoga classes or out on the town.

IVALO.COM offers women's workout tights and sports bottoms in a wide range of designs and styles. Choose according to your taste and style black sports leggings, cute pastel yoga pants, or colorful graphic gym pants - the choice is yours. When there's women's workout clothes in your wardrobe that reflect your own style, it's more enjoyable to hit the gym or the jogging trail.

If you're looking for quality running leggings or durable gym tights, take a look at Pressio's range. You can find lovely women's yoga pants made from organic cotton by Cecilia Sörensen or from recycled materials by Moonah Wear, for example.

Wear your women's activewear leggings with a T-shirt, sweatshirt, or sports top, for example. Women's workout clothes are not only suitable for the gym, but also for the city. For an urban look, pair leggings with a big hoodie, trench coat or oversized blazer, and city sneakers.

Find a high-quality and ecological women's workout shirt or sports top

A quality sports shirt makes your workout more comfortable. There are many options to choose from. Choose a long-sleeved women's workout shirt, a sleeveless sports top, or a sporty T-shirt made from technical material. Short crop tops are also popular. Depending on your preferences, the workout shirt can be loose-fitting or skin-tight.

If you're a lover of sustainable activewear, check out Copenhagen's ecological sports shirts, where waste is given a new life. They are made from ECONYL® nylon, which is made from trash collected from the sea and land.

You'll find women's sports shirts in many colors, from traditional black, blue, and grey activewear shirts for women, to all the colors of the rainbow.

The basis for a good workout outfit is a supportive sports bra

A supportive sports bra is every woman's best friend when she's working out. To find the best sports bra for you, it's worth looking carefully at the options available.

A good sports bra provides enough support to keep your breasts in place during exercise, making it more comfortable. It is important to choose a sports bra that is just the right size and provides the right amount of support. Look carefully at the measurements on the product information when choosing your size.

Choose sports bras that are made from quality materials that can withstand heavy use and multiple washes. Quality women's sports bras are made from breathable material that keeps your skin dry and comfortable. Lighter, eco-friendly sports bras can be made from materials such as comfortable organic cotton or TENCEL™ lyocell. Recycled polyester or ECONYL® nylon provide firmer support.

Different sports may require different types of sports bras. For lighter workouts such as yoga or pilates class, a sports bra that offers lighter support is often sufficient, while for high-intensity workouts such as running or exercise that involves a lot of jumping, you need a sports bra that offers strong support.

Women's sportswear online from several brands

When you're looking for sustainable activewear for women, check out the Finnish brand Népra. Népra produces workout clothes with a good vibe, encouraging people to move and enjoy life. Népra designs functional, long-lasting, and good-looking sportswear for women, suitable for any sport: yoga, running, functional training, crossfit or hiking.

There are also options for those who avoid microplastics. Iron Roots and Tripulse want to put a stop to microplastics in sportswear. These brands offer women's activewear with natural materials that do not shed any plastics. Among other things, the brands use eco-friendly TENCEL™ lyocell, which is also naturally antibacterial to keep workout clothes fresher for longer.

And if you're looking for the best performance possible, you can find the best women's workout clothes for you from Pressio. Pressio's sportswear is suitable for a wide range of active lifestyles and has the technical features to suit even the most demanding tastes.

Order your women's activewear from the IVALO.COM online store online with ease. We check the sustainability of the brands we sell before listing them for sale, so you can shop with peace of mind.