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Change into something greener – here come the new shades

Change into something greener – here come the new shades

The most topical color of this autumn is green in glorious natural shades. The most popular tones are pine green, forest green, and sage. Sage was already dominating summer fashion and is now available in both cool minty and dark greyish overtones.  

Green symbolizes hope, renewal, and future – it’s a perfect color right now as we live on the verge of new freedom, carefully cherishing its freshness, vigor,  and new beginnings.

Hidden Gems – Humans Are Vain

Hidden Gems – Humans Are Vain

IVALO.COM’s summer blog series, Hidden Gems, continues in the dusk of autumn – we still have some sustainable fashion secrets to share.

The casual elegance of Swedish style is nothing new as we know it, but it’s nearly confusing how many super interesting sustainable brands the country gives birth to. In Sweden, they clearly have a great skill of pioneering and premium clothing, as well as the courage to create international success stories.

Sustainable winter runners gear

Sustainable winter runners gear

Running is an affordable outdoor activity loved by our heart, lungs, and mind. Running is good in so many ways, and easy too – just open the door, step out, and you’re on it. 

More and more active people are looking for better sustainability from their sports gear and clothing. Microplastics are a big topic. Harmful chemicals, synthetic colors, and fixation, metallic parts, surface treatment agents, phthalates – none of these are very popular today, and for a good reason. 

Eco-brands such as the Swedish Houdini are all in for nature-friendly, innovative materials and operations eliminating harmful substances in the production of outdoors and sports clothing. 

Take a look at the healthy and safe selection of runner’s clothing for the upcoming season – this gear will be perfect for the skiers, too. Here’s the list to follow for an active outfit: