A backpack is the most ergonomic and utilitarian of all bags. It has made its way back in fashion during the last few years, too. The marketplace of IVALO.COM offers a wide selection of backpacks for urban street style, sporty lifestyle, and functional active use.

The New Normals collection by a Finnish brand LUMI is produced of 99% recycled materials. The bags are super lightweight, waterproof, and highly functional. The most popular piece of the collection is Kumiko, a unisex backpack that can be carried in four different styles. Inside Kumiko, you’ll find a built-in padded pocket for your laptop.

For a modern traveler finding their path anywhere in woods, mountains, and cities – we recommend The Travel Backpack by Wayks. It’s a perfect new-age travel bag and available in both compact and original style. This backpack helps you easily organize your belongings for travel. The bag represents modern design, efficient practicality, and valuable sustainability all at the same time.

If you support a circular economy, you might wanna check the backpack selection of the Finnish Globe Hope – the bags are made of, for example, recycled seat belts and leftover fabrics.

Chic and sustainable leather backpacks are produced by the style master from Amsterdam, O MY BAG. Vegan backpack options you’ll find f.ex. from Canussa and HVISK.