Women's Clothes

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Sustainable women's fashion for stylish women available easily online

The IVALO.COM online store offers a range of products for women who love beautiful, ethical and individual fashion. IVALO.COM is your online clothing store, and we are constantly searching for the best responsible fashion brands specialising in women's fashion and clothing. Our extensive range is constantly growing as new ecological and ethical clothing brands join our portfolio.

Our womenswear range is contemporary and modern in style, yet classic and elegant, allowing customers to make long-lasting choices without compromising on personality. Our quality womenswear brands offer sustainable style for responsible fashionistas. We also offer an extensive selection of plus size clothing for women.

The IVALO.COM marketplace is your alternative when mass fashion does not offer enough uniqueness and quality. It is also your choice when the materials and production conditions of the clothes matter and you want to wear quality women's clothes that are made safely and responsibly. With us, you can order women's clothing online, easily and quickly.

Ecological and ethical women's clothing

IVALO.COM is committed to our IVALO.COM 360 Sustainability Validation, developed in collaboration with experts in the field, which we use to select and assess the brands we sell in our online shop. As a consumer, you can be confident that the women's clothing and accessories you buy from IVALO.COM have passed our sustainability criteria - and are therefore responsible and better choices.

This means, among other things, ethical manufacturing, safe working conditions, preference for environmentally friendly materials and a transparent value chain. We do not accept child labour or the use of harmful chemicals. The brands we sell also do not burn or dispose any returned products. Clothing is designed to withstand long-term use. You can find more information about how sustainability is implemented for each brand in the product information.

Clothes for women for every occasion

One of the most popular products for women's clothing at IVALO.COM is a range of women's dresses. From simple casual underwear to more spectacular lace lingerie, the range of sustainable underwear is also very popular. At IVALO.COM you will also find a curated selection of jewellery and other women's accessories, shoes and jackets to finish off your style.

We also offer ethical and eco-friendly women's work and business wear, from blazer suits to business casual. You can also count on us when it's party time: we have a great range of sustainable women's party dresses and other party wear.

For sporty leisure and outdoor activities, we have sustainable women's sportswear and outdoor clothing to inspire you. We also offer a wide range of wardrobe basics such as socks, t-shirts, shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts and jeans. For beach or pool lovers, there are also women's swimsuits and bikinis made from recycled materials.

A wide range of Finnish fashion

IVALO.COM is a Finnish company and this is also reflected in our product range. We offer a wide range of women's clothing from the pioneers of Finnish ethical fashion. Finnish clothing brands are known for their special quality and Scandinavian design.

Finnish womenswear manufacturers include traditional and long-established family businesses as well as young and trendy brands. Finnish fashion is not generic, with something for everyone who loves different styles.

How to dress trendy but responsibly?

Trendy and sustainable are not mutually exclusive. However, at IVALO.COM we encourage you to focus on longer-term trends in your own clothing, and to invest in clothes that will stay in style for a long time and withstand fashion changes. Responsible dressers know their own style and shop wisely, according to their needs. A capsule wardrobe makes it easier for many people to learn their own style.

One of the cornerstones of responsible shopping is investing in quality. IVALO.COM's quality women's clothing offers choice and ease of shopping. The longevity of a product automatically makes it a better choice.

Trendy can also be sustainable. With us, you can find outfits for work and leisure that are just right for your style. Whether you're looking for durable workout clothes, relaxed linen or breezy summer wear, you've come to the right place.

Order women's clothes easily online

IVALO.COM is a marketplace where you can find over 100 sustainable fashion brands. We've put together the best of the best in responsible fashion clothing to make shopping easy for you, so you can make the purchases you need with confidence, knowing that your clothes are sustainably made in safe working conditions.

We enable you to order women's clothing from several different brands in one online shop. You only pay the shipping costs once per order. We offer free delivery for orders over a specific amount. The purchase limit for free delivery may vary from time to time. Please check our shipping policy to find out the current terms and conditions.

The clothing brands sold on IVALO.COM deliver to you directly from their own warehouses, without any additional stocking or intermediaries.

We make it easy for you to order ecological women's clothing online. Many of our brands offer fast delivery and you can have your clothes in your home within just a few days.

Some of the clothes we sell are made-to-order. In this case, the delivery time is longer because the product is made just for you, possibly even according to your own measurements or specific wishes.

Pre-order clothing brands will also deliver the products at a later date. Pre-order is one way of producing clothes in a more ecological way and avoiding overproduction. Pre-orders help the brand to plan production volumes realistically based on demand. You can easily find information on delivery times in each product's details.