The selection at IVALO.COM marketplace is perfect for women looking for lovely unique fashion. IVALO.COM is in continuous search of the best sustainable fashion brands specialized in women’s clothing.

Sustainable fashion for stylish women

IVALO.COM womenswear selection is topical and modern, yet combined with classic, elegant style. The pieces you’ll find here will stay with you for years and even decades to come – respecting your personality and nature.

IVALO.COM marketplace is your place to be when you feel the mass fashion industry fails to provide the quality and uniqueness you’d prefer. When you care about the materials and conditions regarding your clothes – the safety and sustainability of your purchases – you know, with us you are secured. Welcome!

Ecological and ethical women’s clothes

IVALO.COM has developed a frame of reference for sustainable fashion in collaboration with Aalto University and will follow it regarding all the brands sold at the marketplace. As a customer, you can count on the fact that every single piece sold at IVALO.COM has gone through the sustainability framework and thus are guaranteed sustainable choices.

The most popular women’s clothes at IVALO.COM have now been the various lovely dresses. Also, sustainable lingerie is now super wanted – there is a wide range of options from splashy lingerie to more simple everyday underwear. At IVALO.COM, you’ll also find a myriad of jewellery, accessories, shoes, and jackets.

Some of our best-selling women’s wear is clothes for business and work and sustainable sportswear and outdoor clothing. All the basics you need – socks, shirts, T-shirts, sweaters, and jeans – you’ll find them here, too.