Midsummer style bingo – check these and pick your favorite

From the following options – A, B, C, D, E, or F – pick the style that best describes your summer wardrobe! The result will help you find the matching sustainable fashion from the wide selection of IVALO.COM brands.

What does your wardrobe look like?


1. CASUAL - Mostly practical and comfortable pants, skirts, tunics, and dresses. I appreciate the options that can be layered in an easy and versatile way. I like how the same pieces can be altered for work, summer activities, and meeting friends – not too much effort. I value sustainable high-quality materials.


2. VOGUISH - There is some character, details, and unique touch to my wardrobe. I follow the tide; trends and designers are interesting to me. I enjoy the artistic creations of high-top fashion. I rely on the forever stylish black but have the courage to add some color and pattern when needed.


3. SPORTY – My wardrobe is full of stylish and sometimes quite expensive clothes for training and outdoor activities. I also use boyfriend hoodies and sweatshirts. My clothes are colored with fresh and bright tones and I like to combine them with socks, hats, sneakers – it’s fun! Weather-proof, comfortable clothes are important for me because my lifestyle is on the move.



4. SCANDINAVIAN – White shirts and tees, charming clear-cut dresses, topical jeans and sneakers, grey knits, biker shorts, casual tote bags, and easy-going metallic jewelry in many shades. Besides the obvious black & white combo plus the grey and denim blue, you can trace a hint of pastel colors like mint and strawberry ice cream in my wardrobe.


5. ELEGANT - My wardrobe is well aforethought with mostly simple and earthy tones. I value natural materials and classic cuts. I always have top-quality jeans, a white shirt, a casual blazer, and well-cared leather shoes ready waiting for me to jump into. I rarely buy anything new, but when I do, it’s proper quality. My accessories are considered, valuable, and important to me.


6. ETHNIC – I get inspired by colors, patterns, stories, and storytellers – the makers of my clothes. My wardrobe may be quite bohemian and I appreciate ethical fashion. The cultures and traditions of different countries excite me and I want my clothes to be unique.

Which are the brands that match your style? Read it here.

The midsummer bingo of sustainable fashion has dropped some tips for your wardrobe by the topical brands at IVALO.COM. Check it out to find some ideas to cheer up your personal summer style.

1. Take a look at the best sustainable Finnish brands in the selection of IVALO.COM. For example, the Finnish brands specialized in women’s fashion – Kaiko, Morico, and Voglia – are doing great job when it comes to style, sustainability and comfort. The masters of circular economy Globe Hope and Pure Waste offer a superlative value for money. International stars of ecological casual style at IVALO.COM are Shio, Aatise, and Story of Mine.

2. Congratulations, you are in the right shop! IVALO.COM is full of interesting indie clothing for fashionistas. Check out the brands like Vejits, Fanfare, Ivana Helsinki, Mirkka Metsola, Carolina Machado, KM by Lange, SIZ, Gnana, Eticlò, and August. You will find devotedly designed magnificent pieces. Don’t forget Vogue socks – Swedish Stockings is a brand to notice, too.

3. Ninepine is a dream come true of any sporty person – these training clothes look and feel just perfect. The cuts and fit are designed to be the best ever. Arcelevn, Brava Fabrics, Kings of Indigo, and Rotholz offer comfortable street style. Houdini makes superb outdoor clothing for any mountaineer or traveler. Check out also shoes by ekn and bags by Pinqponq. Statement street spirit of the British pioneer Katharine Hamnett is something you might like, too.

4. The top favorite brands at IVALO.COM are the clothing brand Residus from Stockholm, and a jewelry brand Fejn from Köln – these two combined together create a perfect Scandinavian style. Spice it up with the colors of the Danish Storm&Marie, the infallible design of Archetype from Helsinki, and the hit bags by Lumi and ASK Scandinavia. The definitive Swedish scandi style is offered by Maska and I Dig Denim. If you want to spice it up, even more, check out the selection of the design brand FAÇON JACMIN.

5. ZAMT is a leather product brand from Berlin manufactured in Italy by a team of artisans with great craftsmanship – they have worked with luxurious leather products ever since the ‘70s. The accessories by ZAMT are complemented by Terhi Pölkki producing Finnish high-quality shoes in Portugal. Kings of Indigo, Mud Jeans, and Kuyichi change your jeans into ecological style. Nomen Nescio and The Knotty Ones are lovely everyday brands, while Diana Arno and KATRI NISKANEN dress you up for the celebration.

6. Gung Ho from London is famous for their artful prints bringing a firework of colors and figures for courageous dressers. The selection is full of joy, playfulness, power, and commitment. Tomcsányi is an unforgettable experience and your own studio of custom clothing in Budapest. Check out also the summer favorite of IVALO.COM: Scarlett Poppies. From their selection, you will easily find a splashy new favorite piece or a unique style for celebration.

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