IVALO.COM blog summer serial Hidden Gems presents the less known treasures of the online store selection. The “X-files” of sustainable fashion contain small interesting design brands that even most experts haven’t heard of yet.

Hidden Gems blog series is here to entertain the summer readers interested in fashion. We also want to help unique dressers and the rare eco-design find each other. Take a look into the treasure chest – the first brand you see is CAROLINA MACHADO from Portugal.

Unique creations

A Portuguese fashion designer Carolina Machado and her self-titled brand CAROLINA MACHADO is one of the sustainable top design brands at IVALO.COM.

Carolina was born in Leiria, Portugal, from where she moved to Porto about ten years ago to study fashion design. Her final assignment was also her debut collection brought out at ModaLisboa. That was the start of CAROLINA MACHADO success story.

MACHADO collections are full of magnificent creations with alternation of feminine and masculine – there is a contrast of soft and hard shapes. The authentic design is both seen and felt: around the brands clothing glows an inspiring luxury atmosphere of top fashion. The pieces lift up spirit and vibes and thus are perfect for anyone who craves something special to wear.

European luxury made sustainably

European designer fashion has traditionally dominated the world market of fashion with an approach of luxury experience, above anything else. Anyhow, in 2021 also top fashionistas have learned to look at the flip side of the high-status pieces.

CAROLINA MACHADO prices are tolerable and so the genuine designer clothes are available for a regular consumer, too. The lovely fabrics of MACHADO come from Italy, and the clothes are ethically designed and manufactured in Porto, Portugal.

The designing philosophy of MACHADO is described as a luxury feel and a unique dressing experience. Carolina Machado is committed to values of openness. She wants to work with the local artisans and sewers, offer jobs and opportunities locally, and give back some goodness to the community around her.

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