Women's Cotton Knits

Women's knits made from cotton

Sustainable and ethical cotton knit is the best summer knit. Cotton knitwear is breathable and comfortable to wear. High-quality cotton fiber is also very durable.

Cotton can be washed at fairly high temperatures, so small stains and heavy wear won't affect it. When new, cotton knitwear may shed a little lint, but typically it will only soften and improve with washing.

Cotton knitwear often has a look that is both smart and relaxed at the same time. It's great to wear with jeans and shorts for casual wear but also works well with work trousers, dresses, and leather shoes.

IVALO.COM's most popular cotton knits are the beautiful and contemporary designs custom-made by Lithuanian company The Knotty Ones. Cotton is a plant fiber and is also ideal for those looking for vegan clothing.

We also offer a wide range of knits, cardigans and sweaters made from other high-quality materials. Check out our full range of sustainable women's knits.